happy days...

So last night i sat up till all hours framing a few lil pieces for an exhibition myself and my family members are involved in for the third year running… i think my head managed to hit the pillow at 3:30 only to have to get back up after 6 to begin the day.


lil snippet of what was entered

(keep in mind that even photographers are not always good at taking photos on their mobile phone after the witching hour)

Sorry about the over sized image

but the day went well although i believe with the crazy heat wave it was a little quieter than it could have been. There are many beautiful pieces entered and i was lucky enough to sell one of my pieces reasonably early on… yay!

well enough waffle out of me for one night
greatest apologies if this is a little mish mashed as i have had very little sleep and desperately need to go to bed … just had to share the news before hand

good night all may you all sleep well and dream extra purrdy…

piece sold

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