50 random thoughts, statements and ramblings...

1. Why can the shortest sentence in the english language “I DO”, sometimes feel like the longest life sentence one can be given?

2. What made the first person milk a cow… and then go on to drink what came out!?

3. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to eat the thing that came out a chook’s bum!?

4. Why are your spouses rellies called In laws and not OUT laws?

5. Why is it that when my body is tired, my mind is wide awake?

6. Is it just me, or has this year gone by REALLY fast so far?!

7. Why didn’t i tell more people what i REALLY thought of them when it mattered most?

8. Why do we say that there is a man in the moon?

9. Why do some people have to ruin it for everybody else?

10. Can those really short, slightly built police officers still physically have the same strength as an “old fashioned” cop when it comes to getting a big solidly built criminal?

11. Why do dogs cock their leg to pee?

12. Why do supermarkets only sell BROWN eggs?

13. Would it be wrong to surrender a pet to the RSPCA if it is going to need medication for the rest of it’s life?

14. Am i the only person who drove 4,500kms (and 4 1/2 months pregnant) to go to a gig to see a particular band (relatively locally based to my hometown) for the very first time in my life?

15. Why do i think up all these great ideas, but just leave them in my mind and do nothing about it?

16. I would love to go fishing again, but there’s something about being on a boat ALL DAY, that i don’t really like the idea of.

17. I am a “First Fleeter”.

18. I have turned my bedroom (at my parents place) into a store room and can now only JUST open the door.

19. My kids have WAY too may toys but i can’t bring myself to get rid of any as they all have some sentimental value.

20. Before i went digital, my favourite camera was an Advantix because i could take 4X6’s, 5X7’s and panoramic shots all one the same roll of film!

21. My best friend threw me a surprise 19th birthday party.

22. 10 years ago i was still at school and never thought my life would have turned out how it did.

23. I wore my R.M.Williams boots to my Year 12 formal, to my pop’s funeral and to my wedding (and i have hardly worn them since).

24. All my side of the family found out i was (4 1/2 months) pregnant with our second child on our wedding day!

25. I live by “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.

26. I believe in Karma- if you are nice to others, then eventually someone else will be nice to you in return.

27. Growing up, i don’t think i ever had less than 10 pets.

28. 28- this is how old i will be this year.

29. My mum is only 10 years older than my husband. (Yes, she was young when she had me).

30. I had “Shirley Temple” curls when i was a baby.

31. It is a dream to one day run my own business.

32. I love designing gardens.

33. I have about 15 Bonsai plants which i have neglected for the past 5 years or so.

34. I visit my mum and grandmother at least once a week.

35. I parted my hair on the other side tonight and boy it feels weird…

36. I last had my hair cut short in January (09) and my hair is now just about past the “annoying” stage so i am thinking of growing it again.

37. Last time i grew my hair from this really short crop hairstyle, it took over 3 years to grow it to just below my shoulder blades- then i got it cut “short and spiky” again.

38. I prefer wearing mens boots/shoes as they are more comfortable then most ladies styles and they don’t blister my feet!

39. Who decided that “&” meant “and”??

40. Why is it that when i decide i will write 50 random thoughts, statements and ramblings, i suddenly get a mind blank and it takes for what seems like an eternity to get this far?

41. Am i the only person who thinks it’s “normal” to be able to crack their own back, neck, wrists and ankles?

42. I have always been interested in muppets, puppets and claymation (eg: The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, Wallace & Gromit, etc) and i still enjoy watching those types of shows with my kids- i think it’s extraordinary with how they handle the ’toys" and all the time and effort that goes into making the characters who they are.

43. Why can’t we humans have eyes like spiders, a sense of smell like dogs and wings like a bird?

44. Why is the thing you lost always in the last place you look!?

45. Other than physically tying them to the bed, is there a way to keep kids in their OWN beds?!

46. Why do dog’s farts smell SOOO BAD?! There’s nothing worse than a dog’s fart- especially if it does it in the car!

47. Why do we never realise how good we had it until what we had goes away never to return?

48. Never assume your family and friends know how much you love, care for and appreciate them.

49. I have learnt that growing up, my very best friend and confidante was the pet dog (we had a few over the years). It was always there to listen to my troubles, my fears and whatever else, and would always know when to lay in my lap or when i needed to go for a walk and let some of my tension out…

50. i love to do needlework (mainly tapestries as with two young children- i never have the time to concentrate with counted cross stitch these days.)

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