100 Things about me... if you're really bored, this is for you :D

100 Things about me… if you’re really bored, this is for you :D

1. Toilet Paper – Over the top, or under the roll? ALWAYS over the top! If it’s under, i’ll be the person who will “fix it” so it is the right way!
2. What is your favorite word? Not sure i have a favourite word, but i’m always yelling out my kids names! It might be “NO, don’t do that!” I tend to say that alot! LOL
3. There’s something fishy about… fish!
4. What’s your magic word? “I’ll make it up to you.” (Ok , it’s a sentence, but it usually works better than saying please.)
5. Nothing beats… a bush walk
6. What snack food can you scarf down a whole bag in one sitting? any mint flavoured chocolate or cheese twisties or cheese and bacon balls.
7. What time period would you like to live in for a week? 2100’s (just to see how my grandchildren will be living…)
8. I think Global Warming is… natural- just like how we had the ice age, the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth… this could be the next stage of the earth’s “life”.
9. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn? Spring- crisp mornings and lovely days; not to mention all the flowers and animals breeding.
10. What did you have for lunch yesterday? a home made hamburger.
11. My glass is half… the size it should be.
12. What always makes you smile, no matter how bad a day you’re having? animals (domestic or wild- it doesn’t matter)
13. What’s your favorite kids’ cereal? fruit loops (although i still eat rice bubbles most mornings when i do decide to have brekky.)
14. The best things in life are… often just out of reach
15. What’s your favorite kind of cake icing? fresh cream or a sprinkling of icing sugar
16. What’s your favorite charity? R.S.P.C.A. or Kids Hospital.
17. I like to wear… Blundstone boots & my R.M.Williams belt.
18. Politics is… something i try to stay away from- it’s worse than a school yard!
19. I’m allergic to… nothing…well, not that i know of.
20. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate? I eat all 3 but milk chocolate is my fave.
21. Automatic or manual? manual, definately a MANUAL, have never driven an auto and have no desire to either.
22. Cake or Pie? If it’s a meat pie i’ll take that, i’m not a big cake eater actually…
23. Would you rather have a fast forward or instant replay button for your life? I’d love to know what the next year or so has in store for me but if i could go back about 10 years- i’d take that instead.
24. Early riser or night owl? I don’t mind getting up early, but can also stay up til all hours too…
25. Do you like thick milkshakes or runny milkshakes? Or are you one of those weirdos who calls them ‘frappes’? I’m a “runny” strawberry milkshake girl, butterscotch comes in a close second!
26. I squeeze my toothpaste from the… bottom
27. What question should they ask Miss America or Miss Universe contestants? Name another entrant in this pageant and tell us why she deserves to win instead of you?!
28. What is your current ring tone? The theme from “Wallace and Gromit”
29. What was your favorite childhood toy? I remember i had a corkboard and a heap of thumbtacks and used to spend ages sticking the tacks into the board making patterns, etc… I had a purple dinosaur i loved…
30. What’s your favorite song lyric? I don’t like those railroad men, no i don’t like those railroad men; cause those railroad men, they’ll kill you if they can and drink up all your blood just like wine. (I wish i was a mole in the ground, covered by Grant Walmsley & the Agents of Peace)
31. If I were a super hero, my super suit would be made out of… CLING WRAP!! LMAO! I guess lycra like the rest of the superheroes.
32. What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten? Warheads (but as a kid- you keep buying and eating them!)
33. If I were a Disney character, I’d be… Roadrunner, always outsmarting Wile E. Coyote
34. Who’s a bigger pushover? Mum or Dad? I never knew my dad so would have to say mum…
35. Five star hotel or a tent in the bush? Definately a tent, but a hotel is nice once in a while- just to see how the other half live.
36. I like to put tomato sauce on… tuna!
37. I shower in the… place we stay when on holidays cos we only have a bathtub at home while we’re renovating.
38. I believe in… Karma, prayer (even though i’m not overly religious) and my friends.
39. What’s your favorite type of cheese? cheddar, tasty… just those “plainer” cheeses.
40. Would you shave your head for a worthy charity? yeah definately- i’m growing it now thinking of when the next shave for a cause event is coming up…
41. What’s your favorite colour Crayola crayon? blue
42. How many days past expiration are you willing to drink milk? None, i’m even careful drinking it with one day to go.
43. Have you ever fallen asleep at work? no, can’t say i have.
44. The key to success is… giving it a go!
45. In 100 years, my generation will be remembered for… hopefully alot of good stuff…
46. What picture do you use as your desktop background? it varies with my most recent photos i have taken (usually flowers or a landscape), but is an outer space shot at the moment that my hubby found online somewhere.
47. How long have you spent answering these questions so far? i haven’t timed it, but it has been quite a while. How long does it take for your bum to start going numb? LOL
48. How often do you cook? Most of the time, i have two hungry kids who reckon they have to eat…
49. Hello, Hi, or Hey? it varies for different friends, but i say hey there quite a bit.
50. Pepsi or Coke? Coca-Cola, will only drink pepsi if i am absolutely DYING of thirst and there is NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE.
51. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, is getting between me and my… nan (I’d do anything for my nan)
52. What’s your favorite smell? farm smells- sheep/cow/horse poo, rain, watermelon, fresh baked bread…
53. What would be an appropriate name for your car? “girl” I have called all my cars Girl or Old Girl, especially when going UP Mt Victoria (Blue Mountains).
54. If at first you don’t succeed… try again a few more times, then put it down and come back to it later for another shot.
55. What’s your earliest memory? either rice finger painting at pre-school or getting my fingers slammed in the front door of my pop’s ute when i was little.
56. Do you like your peanut butter crunchy or smooth? crunchy
57. Late at night, I like to eat… chips or chocolate
58. Lefty or Righty? Righty
59. Which is worse? Nails down a blackboard or lemon juice on a cut? Lemon juice i guess, i’m usually the one doing the blackboard “trick”.
60. What memory would you rather forget? Being taken advantage of by two workmates at my first “proper” job.
61. The moon landing was… in 1969 (wasn’t it?)
62. What one possession would you save in a fire? family (Including pets), or if they were safe i;d try get some of my pop’s things or my photos.
63. I usually go to bed around… midnight
64. My backpack/purse/wallet contains the following surprising thing… i often end up with food scraps, rubbish or toys in it, but at the moment the most surprising thing is batteries.
65. On a scale from 1 to crazy, I’m about a… 5
66. Fill in the blank: __ + chocolate = heaven… my own house!
67. Are you a country mouse or a city mouse? Born a city mouse, but hope to end up a country mouse.
68. For my first wish, I wish… for my own house on a small acreage.
69. Metric or Imperial units? metric
70. Polka Dots are… spotty
71. Have you ever fallen asleep while driving? No, thankfully not.
72. Do you fold your sheets or just scrunch them up? Fold
73. How do you like your coffee? I don’t drink coffee.
74. Fork, spork, or chopsticks? sporks are fun!
75. I’ve never… broken a bone
76. What’s your dream job? wealthy photographer or stockwoman/jillaroo- realistically though most likely a florist or horticulturalist.
77. How old were you the last time you trick-or-treated? I’ve never trick or treated!
78. Who ran away with the spoon? One of the kids, I think it was Alannah.
79. The 80’s were a decade of… My single digit years. :)
80. Propose a new toothpaste flavour… Choc-mint!
81. Lights on or off? off- natural lighting is best.
82. Skim milk, Lowfat milk, Whole milk, or Chocolate milk? whole milk
83. If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be, and why? A brussell sprout because i’d have a close group of like-minded friends but everyone else would stay away.
84. What’s the worst that could happen? That things don’t change.
85. Stupid is as stupid… is as stupid is as stupid is as………………
86. Ever broken a bone? nope
87. Do you recycle? yeah- as much as i can.
88. My power animal is a… haven’t given it any thought- i’m a leo so a Lion maybe? Or a horse cos i love them…
89. Thongs are… good but rubber ones give me blisters! (Yes, my feet are that sensitive!)
90. Favourite flower? highly scented roses or papery lisianthus.
91. What was your first live concert? The Superjesus
92. Which letter of the alphabet can you totally not stand? Z
93. Cat person, dog person, or not into pets? Dogs mainly.
94. I’d say that vegetables are… nice in a stew, but i don’t like them on their own.
95. Glasses or contacts? i don’t wear either- just sunglasses.
96. What is the last movie you watched? Fireman Sam (or was it Postman Pat?)
97. Cherries or blueberries? Cherries
98. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? cheese
99. What’s your ideal climate? mild to warm, not too humid though- i prefer dry heat to humid heat.
100. Favourite ice-cream flavour? rainbow or hokey pokey.

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