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Re post , " Out of our past .'

“Out Of Our Past “ Re post every Veterans and Memorial Day

Out of our past they came marching
Through the smoke of time they came
Soul by soul
One by one
Row by row
Team by team
Platoon by platoon
Company by company
Battalion by battalion
Brigade by brigade
Division by Division
Corps by Corps
And Army by Army they came.

From the far reaches of American history they came
From the war of independence they came
From the revolutionary war they came
From the halls of Montezuma they came
From the shores of Tripoli they came
From San Juan Hill they came
From the trenches in France they came

From Pearl Harbor they came
From the pacific islands they came
From North Africa they came
From Sicily and Italy they came
From the Battle of the bulge they came

They came from the landing at Inchon
From Pork Chop hill
From the freezing hills of Korea they came
From the jungles of Vietnam they came
From Hue they came
From Saigon they came
From Khe Shan they came
From the DMZ and from River Saigon they came

From Desert Storm they came
From Iraq they came
From Afghanistan they came

From all the wars they came.
They came to witness that the flag still waves
The children still play
The parades still go by
To see Mom and apple pie
To see the flag passing by
People standing
Hand over heart
A tear in their eye
They came to see
Veterans Day.
To see Boy Scouts.
Placing flags on graves.

Do not cry for them as they pass on by
Into the halls of time
For they are the ones who said
“Not on my watch “
Standing Tall

B.K. von Bernhard

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