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History of Mistletoe

Mistletoe was considered a sacred plant by the Druids who inhabited the British Isles centuries ago . To harvest it , the Chief among the Druids would reach up and remove it with a golden sickle . Whereupon it was used to cure illness , produce fertility and to pacify ones enemies . A kiss beneath the mistletoe symbolized the end of grievances . A later English custom called upon a man to pluck a berry from the mistletoe everytime he kissed a woman , until the mistletoe ran out of berries or he ran out of partners to kiss . In midevil times , mistletoe was hung from the center of the great hall for Christmas celebrations . Each guest had to be kissed twelve times under the mistletoe , dance twelve dances and exchange twelve gifts followed by a great feast . In modern times mistletoe is hung over the entrance to the home and anyone caught under it gets kissed .
Now that a world wide recession has hit , mistletoe is hung from the back of the belt or the small of the back for politicians and bankers to kiss below . Make sure that when they do , they don’t try to steal your wallet .
Enjoy !

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