Am a modern-day caveman out of place with a world full of people. Have retired from the Construction industry and only do my own work now. Favored hobby is building canoes. They only have two flat spots, the seats. Everything else is round. The subsequent problem-solving is the fun part.
used to be a rock-n-roller until Aerosmith screwed it up with “Love in an elevator.” Now am into classical, bluegrass and blues. Like classical because, what kind of 400 year old music do you like? Do you think aerosmith will still be played after 400 years? Probably not. Like a simple life with few surprises. Like to fly and like to be alone most times. Am aggravated by people and their problems. Am too empathetic. But like a good beer and a good joke. So here’s to you!
Here in North Carolina, it’s way, way too hot for me. Having been to Alaska for a year, I know what cold really is and am unafraid. Montana looks really good to me. Wish I was there now. Maybe I can find a cave there.

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Beware the Inner You

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men?” I believe this to be the opening line of “The Shadow”. It’s a far better question than I could have asked. But deep inside, where no one can see, lurks a terror that we choose to forget, lest we lose our minds as well as our souls. It’s not about the Devil. It’s not about Satan. It’s a hor…
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A Note from One to Many

To all who have read and commented on my work here at RedBubble, I offer my most gracious thanks. I have been a member for less than a month and have written quite a few short stories in that time. Although I’ve been writing articles on for a while now, I value the time and experiences I’ve gotten from you bubblers very much. I suspect you all are a very caring and t…
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Adrift in a sea of self pity and neo-guilt, I feel as if i"m hanging by a golden thread to the lives of my two dogs. I made a copy of two photos to help those looking know what they look like, but it’s heartwrenching to look at them. I’m a mess. / To those who don’t have animals as living partners, you could never understand this pain. But right now, I envy you. / I think I…
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Having just finished “A plague of Genius,” writing seems to be the only thing that helps me feel better concerning my two missing dogs. There is a large knot in my chest just under the breastbone that feels like electricity flows through it. Unfortunately, as soon as I stop writing, it reappears. I was hoping it was something simple, like the swine flu thing going around. But that wou…
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Who Is Best of Them All

Another mirror had a built-in doorway to a different world.

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Joe was hurt to think that he was too old for combat flying at thirty-four, but the new batch of pilots sent as replacements looked like th…


His right arm was stuck diagonally to Miss Dayton’s abdomen in a most embarrassing and personal way.

Sea Of Apathy

He missed her style. He missed her choices of bright colors that clashed and crashed loudly into his mind.

Twice Shy

He held his arms up and laughed as he turned into a pillar of light as his sister had.

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Eventually the asteroid struck the Earth and millions died

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But the most disturbing fact of all was that this creature had chosen humans as its prey of choice.

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the last operator of this craft had been murdered by a primitive human over two million years ago. The primitive man had been a tenth gener…

Technology Failure

The being took it’s eyes away from the two men for a moment and looked around quickly. It saw the mask it had been wearing on a dropc…


He came to slowly, pain slowly allowing his vision to return. He coughed as the dust, floating thickly in the air, got sucked into his lung…

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It was another beautiful night. The stars looked almost close enough to touch. Ralph Wade smiled as he gazed upward from his back porch. He…

Something In The Weather-Chapters 19-22

Chapter 19 / The Police Chief got a call as soon as he had arrived at his office. He picked up the phone to see who would be disturbing hi…
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