Nothing Is Sacred

The being didn’t think of himself as an “alien.” He was a citizen of Paeros, the second planet of a fifteen planet system with a blue giant sun. But most Earthlings had never even heard of the Pleiades, unless they were scientists or astronomers. He hadn’t even thought about his home world in months, he realized. He had no immediate family on his home world and the only times he thought about it lately were during the seasonal changes on his planet. They were the only times his people celebrated. Earth people had many more events they celebrated. That was partly why he was here, to study the people of Earth.

Because his people were further along on their evolutionary scale, they had evolved into energy beings. However, they were not very far along in their evolution. They had much to learn about being an individual separate from other beings. Because of the tendency of energy to collect together into single pools, they were finding it difficult to remain as individuals. Although it was a survival trait to gather together, they wished to remain separate. He was here to study why Earthlings found it so easy to live as individuals.

He had taken human form easily, his energy body simply controlling basic elements of matter together in unison just like humans. The difference was, with him, it was a matter of will. He sat at his computer doing research and making journal entries for his report to his fellow beings “back home.” Unusual concept, home. But now that he had a corporeal body, he saw the need for shelter. As another concept, thirst, came to him, he stopped what he was doing to take a break and get a drink of water. And another concept, urination, became obvious to him when he drank a large glass of water. He went to his bathroom to take care of business.

He hadn’t thought to shut down his online search program while he was gone for only a few minutes. At that moment, he was hacked by someone and they managed to download much of his very private data. When he returned to his computer, he saw that someone had penetrated his personal information and downloaded it from his computer. He was enraged by this invasion of his privacy, another new concept for him. Was nothing sacred to this race, he thought? He knew he must track down this person and retrieve his data. He willed his arm to change back into a form of electrical energy at the frequency necessary to infiltrate the broadband connection at his computer. He began his search for the intruder.

The hacker known as “Bob” chuckled to himself as he cut the connection to avoid a backtrace to him, He’d already downloaded a whopping big pile of data.He thought that there should be something here he could use or possibly sell to the sharks online. He began to unlock the unencrypted data to see what he’d stolen. Held back by a new kind of algorhythms, he struggled to break into the information. After only a few minutes, his keyword cracking system had solved the riddle and had finally accessed the data.

At first he was puzzled by what he read. Someone was researching humanity. The nature of the search patterns this person had used asked some of the simplest and most obvious questions. It was almost as if this was done by someone who was a cross between an artificial intelligence and the mind of a child.

As he kept on searching the data, he noticed breaks in the patterns where data was summarized and then sent through some kind of radio telescope. Weird, he thought. This data was being beamed out into space. The deep space receiver of this data, according to what he was reading, was rebroadcasting in an ultra-high super, super high frequency that seemed to transcend the bounds of space/time by crossing over into some kind of artificial space.

His mind reeled just trying to understand the concepts he was encountering. He always thought of himself as being well-versed in physics, but this trancended almost eveything he knew. It was almost as if….. No! It couldn’t be, he thought! There were no aliens, he thought. That was just TV madness, the stuff of fiction. But here, here was a logical flow of information of how the data was being sent across vast distances of space without the limit of the speed of light. His brain hurt for a while. He decided to go back online and call some of his friends to help him decide what to do with the information.

As soon as his connection was made, a flash of light and an acrid smoke from the melting of metal and plastic filled the room. A tall man-shaped thing of what looked like electricity arcing around body parts suddenly changed into a man in front of his eyes. It took a step forward and grabbed him by the shoulder and held him to the wall. Without a word, the being emitted a lance of energy into “Bob’s” brain. It took about seven seconds for the being to know Bob’s life history. It stood for a moment and released Bob, who fell to the floor as if he’d been electrocuted. In a way, he had.

The being suddenly realized the basic mistake that his race had made when they decided to send him here to research the humans. He stood Bob back on his feet and stepped forward to wrap his arms around him. The being and Bob were changed into sheer electricity and the creature once again entered the broadband connection to return to his room. As he stepped into the room, Bob had a frightened look on his face and the being smiled. “You are going to make history, Bob” the being said. “You’re going to be the first human to travel to another world.” Bob gulped once as the being stepped up to his computer and destroyed Bob’s computer system through the connection. Once he was sure, he set the timer for self-destruct on his own computer and picked up Bob as if he were a small child. He converted himself to pure energy again and changed Bob too. He took Bob over to his internet connection and sent his and Bob’s energy to the rebroadcaster to be sent to his home world. A quick flash and they were gone.

Nothing Is Sacred

Jim Hall

Fayetteville, United States

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Artist's Description

It takes only the very brightest or the dumbest of us to believe that we are the only beings in the universe, in my view. And what is our definition of life? Hmm? Good question.

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