A Cry in the Dark of Solitude

Please forgive my maudlin ramblings. My two dogs ran away two days ago. The female is13 years old and the male is only three(human years). They were spotted by a mail carrier a long way away from my home. Since they dug a hole under the fence where a squirrel teases them often, my theory is they chased him and then just ran for a while to enjoy the freedom before returning. They must have gotten lost. I walked them every day to help reduce their wanderlust, but I guess it didn’t work. I worry about the female because the postman who saw them said that she was trying hard to keep up with the young male. She has been showing signs of age by walking slower and breathing hard.

This event in my life is having a great effect on my heart. I live alone but for these two rascals. It’s having a chilling effect on my writing, which I’ve recently discovered. So if the quality of my work suffers in the future, please try to understand my grief.

The one thing I’m sure of is that all of you out there understand my emotional pain, whether you sympathize or not. At least you get it.

I have, in my mind, some great(in my view) stories to come and a novel is in the works, not to mention poems. I just don’t want to be a legend in my own mind, to steal a phrase. Bear with me. If I survive this experience, having written this note/journal entry will be a catharsis, if that’s the correct word. My dictionary doesn’t have it listed.

Once again, my apologies for my grief. JH

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  • Alison Pearce