from the dim and distant past

In the last years of the 1990’s, and the start of the new Millenium, I was very active in the (now defunct) Melbourne Super 8 Film Group.

In the last years of the group, Stu Thomas came across our path when he entered a film in the 1999 festival (the last Super 8 festival to be held in Melbourne). His unique style of music caught the attention of many, and before long, he had seeded a project whereby a dozen members of the group were recruited to shoot a film to accompany a song from the Brass Bed album, Save Your Breath.

It took me ages to do the film I was supposed to make, and Stu eventually got frustrated enough with me to ask for me to hand over the unfinished film for him to complete. I got the film spliced together, but the resulting telecine ended up out of synch with how I’d envisioned it. After that, I moved to Canberra and Stu went and started playing bass with Dave Graney.

Today I just happened to do a search for Stu whilst listening to the Save Your Breath album, and found that the film I’d done for him is now on YouTube. It’s not what I’d wanted it to be, and some day I’d like to get a proper telecine of the film done, do some grading and post production on it to fix the hot spots and flares. The grain and hairs in the gate etc, I think I’ll leave, they’re part of the charm of the medium.

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