To My Mommy For my doughter Becky


I was once just a twinkle in your eye.
But I became apart of you before you knew I was here
I was a tiny little screat no one could see.
I made you sick I made you tired you thought you had the flu
before you knew I was here.
Now you know I am apart of you and you have nothing
to fear.
I will bring you so much happnes when you finely get to
hold me near.
I hear you talk I know your voice but it is so dark in here.
I I kick my legs and swing my arms but you can’t
feel me yet.
Soon I will get bigger and stronger and I will roll around and
I will bend and twist and I will kick a plate right off your
God has sent me to you for what reason I don’t know.
I will teach you things about life and what it is like
to be a mom.
You will learn to know the kind of love a mom feels for her
The love you will feel for me will be boundless.
For there is no other kind of love that there is for a mothers
love for her child.
When you here my first cry I will bring tears to your eyes
for it will be the most presious sound you will ever hear and you
will cry too.
They will give me to you and you will hold me to your breast and we will be one
until my nursing days are through.
I will grow so fast my first year you won’t beleave your eyes.
I will do things that will make you smile and things that
will make you cry.
So hold me close inside your tummy for I can’t wate to meat you
for I love you
love your mom,Candy

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