Sales and features

The past 7 days were good to me. I got a message that:

- I sold a Christmas card:
Red christmas design with text,
- I sold my calendar “Fractal birds” and it was a wonderful surprise that it
was Bevanimage who was the buyer. Thank you very much Bev!
- The modern spider web is featured in the group A fractal energy passion,
- “The dicovery” was featured in the group “Spectacular Spirals”,

- My card “Lightening the Planets” is featured in the group Creative Cards,

- “Mom owl and her babies” was featured in The Healing Journey

- “I offer you magic and love”" was featured in Fractal Perception,

I am very pleased with these results. I thank the hosts very much for chosing my work.
Wish everybody a wonderful day,


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