Art 1, Lo-Inyo Elementary

Every bead like a miniature snare bounced / the stolid way across a plastic wood surface / or two. / Two young ladies, three young women, a…

Hold Fast

Awfully torn and mangled, awash in red / augers of stone, the salient matters remain


I did not hunker down in the proper kind of foxholes.


Why? Because the sex act can be measured / and witnessed; but how can we gauge / the sin act?

Auggie’s II. Here and There, September 11th…

I do not consider my own pizza ideas valid because I plan to eat later, though I commit myself to one or two slices.

Follow Directions Exactly

Your heart’s where all the blood is so if you want to bleed less you have to keep that under control.

Three Scenes

The several strains daily overtaking me / Shame and exalt at once, / Because, in the end, my heart cannot help itself. / (That is not to s…

Found on a busboy napkin, barely legible.

```Words as syringes / ``Inject / Each their guts / ``Into the glutted veins / ```(Which in this imagery are / ``Indeed / Emotional seats …

Time’s Passage – a Watchful Character

(with strength enough / that the Fantastic / might indeed surface from the wide and deep / hidden pools of the Real)

The Law Made

He hopes this is not overdoing it.


My only love!

The fully covered heart, by hiding, thrives

The fully covered heart, by hiding, thrives / Among the vital organs with their blood / And all their need. Her precious body lives / In s…


key and pressure / weight the love that spurs / the panting seething mares / the longing and the finding / movement and minutae / heady smo…

Auggie’s I. Leaf and Bike, February 18th, 2…

A red bandanna squeezes the topmost bar of the bicycle frame, somehow less than red.

Felix in Manu / Maul Fix Nine / In Mine Faulx

There’s her victory.

Paradelle for Maria

Is a chance always what beckons?


We leave a mark where we were like stickers.

The Freely Reading

You, Book.

Stainless Steel

But these lionesses, they are more than beasts, because they serve.

Let’s call it the Fractal Principle.

And then, there is the chance that deeper scrutiny, which reveals structure and sequence, will heighten affection and care. There is the p…

One concern among many.

As far as I write without grace, I add nothing of importance to the vast landscape of visceral powerful written word.

Overboard and Simple

We ate at Margaritaville last night in the artificial cool. / (Man in stilts makes balloons. His name is Dizzy.) / Fuchsia and some irides…


Teeth grinding like wooden wheels, suddenly burning -

Humming has its own dialect.

mi re fa mi do so / mi re fa mi do mi re / re di mi re ti re do / ti do la ti re do so / (so mi fa re mi do) / mi re fa mi do so / mi re fa…

High Dive

Just up and over, easy enough.

A line for every hour in the day.

This doesn’t even rhyme! There’s nothing here worth mentioning.


“My mother is a fish.”


The sun sets continuously in this exploded photograph.

-Breaking Fast-

I will eat the bread of their genius, and take my fill of wrinkly thoughts, under Time.
Naomi by candidenuts

bacardi, adjacent the checkbook

Ultimately, it’s the rum talking.

And All Flesh Shall See it Together

Her wrists slowly rise and fall, pumping the oily tones from some dark slick black source beneath the keyboard


Every once in awhile I get to run a purchase order.


“Me” / Is the magic word.


twenty short years and i’m stopped finally / by a certain sense of timing / my life’s been lining / crime after crime / up like…

Vow Sestine

Upon your spirit shall my heart in ardor dwell, / For cause divine, what brought you to my wearied soul; / As well as by that dreaming vani…

Vigil’s Animal

And the increase continued.

The Accuser

Your gaze is like a brave guillotine / Shedding light like life like blood – / Responsive to the staring sun and the glaring extensio…


A simple step, like a chewing mouth, finishing what got started

Stifled Cynic


speed rap 1

Ten-thirty-eight and I woke at two thirty myrmidons shields of cotton the fabric of our lives left nine thirty was an hour ago go boots wit…

speed rap 2

Ten-thirty-eight ball is in your courtney glaser gun fight night time television odes crying fissures always find me hear what I hear na um…

speed rap 3

Nice doesn’t cut it knives and placards garbage cans in marco’s room for improvement tim taylor tool time heidi the novel and the partridge…

Sequential Lament

Crowds form to witness the spectacle of a smashed father / But nobody in particular learns anything / From it

Quote. Buy. Print.

There’s lanterns everywhere!

Postcard from XXXXX XXXXX

To: Hawkeyes / From: Alabaster


Bro ken unbridled wit, to hide a frantic / Biting shame generally called a line limit, is my border, my covering.

Neighborhood Medley

They are young and dying. / Each day is over much too soon / But what’s the use of crying? / We’re only young and dying. / The world used t…

Mighty Chandelier

The fluorescent bulbs embrace me, / Compact and buzzing in my ears. / They pretend that they’re old relatives / I haven’t seen for a long t…


Convictions cut, it’s true

Lazy Secular

Welcome child / To the land of processed meats / And emotions under copyright protection / Beware of scarce resources / And of the foreign …

Kentucky Derby

bib bib bib bib bib bib bib / 36 in horse / make my son laugh now / breed eleven needles from a basket / countertop of gold and a platter o…

It’s Fun to Be Tired…Dead Bug

It’s whiskey…it’s a lot of whiskey / Oh man I have to…I can’t wait / It’s back / Don’t you worry bout it. / Oh yeah…yes / Life is a crumb d…

Greenhouse Effect

Take your glances and place / Them writhing in a bowl. / Add just a pinch of distance, / A dash of remorse for things / Unheard – tho…

Evasive Maneuvers

I’ve been scattering my thoughts lately / Probably because they can’t be followed then / And I don’t want anyone to find …

Environmental Composition

We grow up a piece of art / Singular and also redundant / The pen is our brush / The concept of communication is our palette / The special …

A Toast

Napkins rip like laughing / Kids – abrupt, embroidered / And clean. Glasses glazed / Or gleaming shake the / Poet’s eye; visio…

Wednesday Afternoon

Something angers me. Aside from the fantastic twists to come, the sheer monotony of the present days is enough to leave wanting their purp…

The Separation

May, as a harbinger of some seasonal difference, caught me unawares this year. Whereas I am accustomed to the singular chromaticism that m…


Having crept in as a societal interlude, having made constant voice like to a whirring engine or a pounding hammer catapulting obedient spa…

Momentum and Potential

I walked the terrace of a Tuesday morning, because the fires had raged the whole night through before. I had thought it would be nice to t…


Some chordal enunciation, akin to the seismic grace of an empty earthquake; this centered punctuality a singular balancing act displaying b…
Helvetiorum Fidei ac Virtuti by candidenuts Neuschwanstein by candidenuts Small World. by candidenuts


I am but a child in a man’s body. / Somebody rolling my life like a tape hit pause / about ten years too soon, I think. / I think. / I thin…

The directionless life

The directionless life is a mass of disembodied legs with no feet. / I can see them in my mind, roiling / in fleshy heat and sweet sweat…


Don’t let yourself into this flowing mass of people and politic. / I want to understand how things went wrong here, and I know where to go …

Only One.

A young Thai girl walks down a street of dust / Barefoot and bone weary / Barefoot because her family must / Scrounge for the half-rotten p…

One Day.

One day / Some time back behind me, now / I can remember riding in the car – / Nighttime - / Silky stars in heaven laughing down through r…

I am liberated

I am liberated. / A minute goes by, and my eyes blink once, twice, three times. / I am rejuvenated, / Like an engine running with new oil /…

Carpenter’s Song

Ecstasy: grooved wood, an old hammer’s stem; / the smell of humus and the deep dark sound of iron on earth. / I am filled with a new (yet f…


This is called Author / Say it with me / The life we live is a rough one / Say it with me / The hurt we feel is a deep one / But outside ou…

Time, Times and Half a Time

Door / Opened hard / Of a Meteor. / Distance wasn’t over me like / You wished for those Times. Having you / And love laugh in that / Or…

this time throttles me

this time throttles me / in between 7:00 and 11:30 PM / the hours of computer screens or keys of ivory plastic terminate / (they make the l…

The Back Cover of Reader’s Digest

Chrome pipes on a minivan. / Sure, it’s just a commercial; / the comic relief for the sobering truths of “Super Size Me” / about child obes…

Sicut erat

I had all ready written a piece called shifted. / It was a Wednesday morning, probably about two o’clock; / My bed was drenched with wearin…

Seven Sturdy Beasts

Seven sturdy beasts / Were tugging at a chain, / When out from in the driver’s sin / The whip came down again. / The whip came down again. …

Safety Net

“You must not eat the blood; for the life / of a creature is in its blood.” / Blessed assurance, that teeth avoid me while I bleed. / O! D…

Red Attitude

An administering table / Caught up in flourescent whirring / Able for quashing nascent rebellion / Washing down the burnt pieces of collegi…
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