I am about to move.

There remain things to do, in preparation. My laundry rests in this list.

It might even take the top spot.

I will need to find work, a wage to support my absurd habits, such as eating and drinking. No human since long ago ever ate without some kind of labor beforehand.

That sounds like a viable candidate for where we got the concept of value. I am getting ahead of myself.

I am about to move. This has to take some thought.

The list:

1 – do laundry
2 – find a job
3 – do pushups
4 – toast a bagel
5 – spread cream cheese on the bagel
6 – eat it
7 – do more pushups/drink a Vitamin Water
8 – collect my paycheck, one of the last
9 – put on fresh, clean and softly warm clothing

I don’t want a tenth item. Lists these days rarely seem to be content with a length of nine. I won’t consider offering it any options, though. Nine you are, and to nine you shall return.

This list will probably not work out exactly as written. It’s tentative. Or rather, nine-tative.

I got ahead of myself again.

Kingsburg, here I come! I hope I can serve you in some way. I hope that many little greatnesses will show themselves as I look for them in your quaint semi-Swedish architecture, your provincial sensibility like a scent. The aroma of lingonberries will mingle with that of my fresh, clean and softly warm clothing. There won’t be anything foreign about all of it.

I am certain, beyond any doubt, that I should go to you. I will ride the Dala horse of my joy to the pancake house of my destiny.

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