The insight to Candid

I am sure some, or most of you would like to know a little more about me, so I thought I would give you all a little insight to understanding me!
So here goes,
I was born in a small town about 26 years ago……..
Sorry, just kidding with that!
Seriously though,

I love photgraphy and poetry. They are my two biggest passions, after my hubby of course!
I started writing poetry when I was only 12. All of my writing, to start, was very dark and sad. I quarentee if I posted my earlier writing it will bring a tear to your eye, if it doesn’t make you ball your eyes out.
I have been told that I can be closely related to Edgar Alan Poe, occasionally Robert Frost, and sometimes even Emily Dickinson. That is cool to me because they are actually my favorite 3 poets.
Recently, I found out how to write more passionately. More about love without death in it.
Since I started writing, I was told to write about what I know. most 12 year old in my class wrote about family, toys, games, occasionally love, pretty much children stuff.
I shocked my teacher when I wrote a tearful poem about a girl in World War 2 who was taken to a camp far from her family.
I shortly began writing about death and suicide and anything that pretty much was horrifying to those protected by a plastic bubble. (Though we are all safe on this bubble, we all express our true selves within this bubble. That’s why you all rock here!)
So if I post anything that may seem dark or scary, it is not my state of mind but just what I grew up around. More recenlty it has been love. So you should be safe for a while, at least until I find my earlier writing!

When I was about 8 or 9, I was given a camera and asked to take a few shots of the family. It was an instant addiction!
I went to Vancouver, B.C. when I was 15, and learned how to snap shots that were absolutely postcard perfect! (Although here, you don’t see it as much because I do not get around to all of those places. Someday soon, I will be posting my younger years photos for you all to see!)
I was told so many times how beautiful my photgraphs were. So it was almost better than writing about death because I was capturing life for everyone to see. And when people had seen my photos, they did not cry. That was gratifying for me.

I have always believed in expressing your true self wether it is in photos or words. If you feel bad, grab a camera and go for a walk. If you feel happy in love, grab a notepad and begin writing. (Although I did it slightly backwards!)

If I make you feel joy or arousal from my writing, then that is awesome. If I make you feel sorrow or anger from my writing, well then again I did what I was trying to do.
If my photos scare you or make you laugh or be in total awe, then I am doing something right. If my photos make you think I can do better and am not doing what you think I can do, well then let me know. I can take the criticism!

I also would like to let you know that with my writing, it is not always the way I truely feel when I post it. Some, yes, but pertaining to anything I write about death or pain or betrayal, it is just something that I knew best as a child and as a teen. Now, I only know what it is like to be surrounded by love. (I just like my dark poetry because it was the best writing I ever produced!)
I hope this helps anyone who may have had questions about my personality.

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