Hey Y'all!!

I am back once again!
It’s been 16 days since I was on, and man was it busy both on and off line!
Several things I wish to say. First is I am trying my darndest to play catch up again. So please don’t get upset if I didn’t get to you yet. I’ll be there soon!
Second, I wil be posting some shots from my first official job as a wedding photographer, not in my family! I will definately appreciate any tips or suggestions for I will be doing another in a month or so. I need to know where I need to improve.
And last but not least, thanks to everyone who has viewed and/or commented on my piece “between heaven and earth”. Because of all of you, it is my most popular piece with over 1,000 views, 130 comments, and 50 favoritings!! So thanks again everyone!

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