a little song to Jesus I am coming up with

I love you lord – your my special friend and live to worship you oh my soul rejoice – I love you lord and I want you to know – you are a sweet fragrance to my spirit. A special friend with a good heart – how I love to worship you oh my soul rejoices.

My peace with is so special so me and I live love you lord oh my sould rejoice.
Your peaceful lord and I love your ways – your loving gardens are my peaceful days.
My visions lord lift my spririt and my sould rejoices to sing.

Your my special friend and and sing this song to you.



may the lord bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon you as he directs your path. May you have flowers in your heart as you let christs love come in.
loving kindness is so very sweet.

Thank you Jesus.

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