2010 ARIA Award Nomination

What a massive past couple of months it’s been. Life has certainly been a roller coaster recently. To touch on a few things, my girlfriend of nearly 8 years broke up with me which sent my entire life upside down, then I find out I’ve been nominated for an ARIA Award for best cover art of 2010. Then I exhibit some work in Melbourne and New York, get to meet all the guys from Dead Letter Circus in person and hang out with them backstage (and on stage!), I then move into my own place and am slowly adjusting to living by myself, then work tells me they want me to become a manager and have put together a year long training plan for me to get there, and in between that I’m contacted by countless bands, magazines and followers of my work regarding possible collaborations and future projects.
I haven’t really had a chance to just sit and take everything in. But life keeps going on and my heart is still full of love.

Just need to jump on board I suppose.

peace and love,

- Cam

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