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Ok, so while everyone else at Uni has been enjoying their winter break and sleeping in until lunch time, I’ve been battling the freezing frosty Tasmanian mornings riding into school each day for my winter school Gallery Studies course. Today we were mainly talking about marketing and communication, but at some point the discussion turned towards copyright issues.
I was stunned at how little my fellow artists understand about their own rights to their work.
I figured their will certainly be people here on the Bubble who might not understand their rights and obligations as an artist.
Below is a link to the Australian Copyright Council, where you can find all the information you need regarding the rights and integrity of your art. If you don’t know anything about your rights as an artist, then please take the time to read through the articles on the ACC website.
I only bothered to learn my rights after an incident 3 years ago, I was lucky, but there may be others who won’t be so fortunate if an unforeseen issue arises.

This is your profession, it’s your responsibility to understand your rights.
ACC Website

Some key points about Copyright in Australia are:

  • Copyright protection is free and applies automatically when material is created.
  • There is NO registration system for copyright in Australia
  • Copyright does not protect ideas, information, styles or techniques
  • Copyright does not protect names, titles or slogans
  • There are no general exemptions from copyright law for non-profit organizations
  • There are some situations where copyright law allows people to use copyright material for their own personal use, but these are narrow and specific
  • Generally, Australian copyright law applies to actions that take place in Australia, even if the material used was created or first published in another country.

ACC Website

Hope everyone is well. :)
– Cam.

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