24 hours at Rock Hollow

After sitting on a plane for 3 hours flying back from Sacramento, it was a pleasure to come home to Rock Hollow Lodge… our 10 acre refuge from the every day rat race.

For the three springs we have lived here, the main attraction and the reason we bought this property, is the rock holler’ or ravine that is approximately 100 feet from the back deck. This ravine is where our Oklahoma Rusty or waterfalls happen when it rains hard. Our holler has a few natural springs that flow year round that provide the habitat that is a macro photographer’s dream.
During the last 24 hours, my backyard habitat provided me with storms w/lightning, 3 different dragonflies and damselflies, two male and four female hummingbirds, one lizard and numerous insects. Here is a few of the best from the 400+ photos taken since returning.

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