Free verse account of time in Fremantle

It began with a dress…

Patterned and adorned with flowers, buttoned and braced. Broke; on the plane to the West.

A companion. I squeezed past. A stranger. I brushed past. I came back.

The arrival brought new faces – a green shirted girl(1) and a floral-clad woman(2) – were ours. So they drove us, to a mall, to new friends, to a 2 storey hostel. One bed. One cupboard. A setting.

Fremantle. Glorious and fun. Oriental(3) drinks and Newport(4) approval. Heat. Sun. Heat. A new companion. A colloquialism(5) . No drink. Water, sparkling and green. (And we won the cricket.)

So driving. So (sleeping). Companion’s house. Companion’s mess. Sitting. We checked ourselves and restocked. Dropped some shots and watched simple entertainment. Easy. Longing, longing so for love. A love left behind.

And so a hunger set in. We wandered. No avail. No avail. Bed.

Friday 29.12.06

Rise. Trains and traffic. A companion in green(6) . Myself, asleep again. Morning mutterings and movement – and still I sleep. I wake. I bathe, dress, (this one is fixed), I talk to a loved one and despair. Simple meal. Simple matters. A wander, a purchase, a crash.

City-bound. Familiarity and loss. Enjoyment in simplicity – sun, blue. The use of my legs is constant. Travel. Tour. Travel. Mock. Window viewing. And a dinner too divine.(7)

We sat. Amongst ourselves. We sat with foreigners – American, Dutch, English. And shared a film.

Whisked away, to gather more. Try our luck and be denied. Walk for ages. Walk to try. An amplified setting(8) would allow us three(9) . Music. Similarities. (And why am I drinking rum?) So we danced. And we danced. Had drinks paid and talked to more Englishmen. Clock struck 3 and our taxi in disguise took us to our abode. Sleep.

Saturday 30.12.06

Awake. TrainsShipsCarsSkates. Asleep. Sleep in. TrainHelicopterStereoCarSkates. Rise and write, and remember my love.

We hopped a train to the centre. Hopped a bus to the outer and the ocean(10) . Waves and waves. Wind and bodies. Glorious blue seeped into my ears.

After hours in the sun. Sleeping. Dreaming. Burning. After hours we departed. A long journey back to a crowded restaurant and Italian delights.

We went again to the amplified venue. Less, this time. Less time. Home.

Sunday 31.12.06

Arise – the last of the year. To markets for fruit, to markets for gifts. To store for drink accompaniments and the desired supplies for conversing with my love.

At home, a call. To love and miss love. Overwhelmed, overjoyed, longing for contact.

And next, a new friend. To beachside(5) to a loss of identity. Me: to home, wrecked feet and back again. No entry. To home. To the newest port(4) . For ale and of ale. Friends, friends and a bar friend to share a deal. SugarLiquorLemonSugar. And here, a new-found taste.

To home. To dress. A train too fast to catch so we wrangled a second. Friendly guard and laughing passenger. We arrive. The eve is upon us. Short walk to regular venus. A line. Admission; with compliments. The oversold eve.

Fill with ale. Filled with ale. Dance, dance, dance. Meet and greet the resident group. So alike. (And I celebrate friends back home.) The time is right in another city(11) – a call from my love but I can hear none. Dance. Greet. Photo. Greet. Drink. Smoke. Drink. Dance. Our night approaches. Sparkle. Dazzle, and in unison we cry one. HugsKissesStrangersHugsKisses. We reached our peak and kept on.

No control. The accompanying two lost their legs. So to cheap chain restaurant. No taxi. (Where’s my fucking taxi?) To train. And a sleep. (And we’re home before five.)

Monday 1.1.07

A new year dawned to the unconscious.

Nobody suffered hangovers (…in the beginning). We reviewed the night before. Afterwards the two would take eons for food. I called my love. I waited. They returned and one departed while I dined.

I talk to my oldest friend. News. No news. (There was no party in my town(11) ). So write. So right. A thought from my love and thoughts from me.

I go back. My companion awakes. I fall to sleep. Awake. Dinner. Return.

For the night I read. In various rooms. In various stares. I came to retire late and a fitful sleep.

Tuesday 2.1.07

Earlier rise. Clean. Plan. (No plan). Transit to the affluent place(12) for the largest cake. The best mocha. And a store of oriental goods.(13)

Browsing at leisure. Browsing at words. Fancy at some though I do not wish to keep.

To centre and out again. An unknown station. A walk. The wrong walk. So ring for directions. A call for directions. And we did walk. To destination(14). Excitement. Disappointment. And to browse again in the best of places.

Again to centre. Remain to out again. FoodMoneyFood. Rain. Blowing rain. And a substitute purchase.

We dined in the Mexican(15) fashion. The companion made other arrangements and I devoured solitude.

My time passed. I watched a storm front encroach. I photographed it. I went out and joined the rain. Searching. Searching. A deepening mood. (Despair for my love.) Mind a strange place. The bookstore save. Purchase. Back, rain spotted, to room. Devouring words. Devouring sounds. I checked my net(16) . I returned. So read. So wait. So read. Companion not in. So sleep.

Wednesday 3.1.07

Wake. Alone. Find love. Sleep. A nightmare. I awake again, anxious.

Walk to sustenance. Sit for a while. While away. Continue a promise for gifts.

The companion returns. And soon after, another. Three go to the first house(17). Three come back with permanent plan(18) in mind. Then to indulgence, dômed(19) indulgence. We part for a while. Wait. Ready. Go.

The newest port(4) . Easy entry. Easy lagers. The third returns. Explore. Discover. So compare to familiarities. Hours. New friend. Hours. Music. Sounds. Lager. DanceDanceDance. And live voices(20) . Home before the end.

Thursday 4.1.07

Early rise. Potter. Read. Dress. To coffee. To breakfast. Indulgence. (Too much).

To city(21). Wander. Meet new friend. (The similar friend(22)). Lunch. Lunch. Duscussing past. Discussing present. Lunch. Depart. Browsing for likes, a potential purchase. I depart.

Appointment. (No smiling). Tell. Draw. Fix. Draw. Fix. NeedleInk(18). Pain more than before. (Rewarding.) Cash. Thankyou. To room.

Checking again. Reading. Researching. Waiting. (Till home). Pottering. So packing. (Oh, how I long to see him. To hold him.)

The companion returns. From dinner. From friends. We sleep.

Friday 5.1.07

Rise. Ready. Ready. The third one arrives(1) . Pass time in common place. Market. Sun. Ragged locals. A friendly invitation to enter. Ink for the companion. Ink for the other, also. Smiles. (I’m going home!) Smiles, the happiest inker. PhotoPhotoPhoto. Lunch. Shop. Home and wait.

Packed and ready. Outside waiting. A little van. A lot of luggage. Goodbye. To airport. (Sleepy travellers). Early. Read. Drink. Chat. Called. Board.

It finished with a smile…

Fidgety and fatigued, chatty and so in love; on the plane back East.


1 Nik
2 Aunty Karen
3 The Orient – bar/hotel
4 The Newport – bar/hotel
5 The Cott. (The Cottesloe Beach Hotel)
6 Liam
7 Indian food – Maya restaurant in Fremantle
8 The Amplifier bar/venue – Perth city
9 Me, Liam, KJ (Nik’s cousin)
10 Scarborough Beach
11 Adelaide
12 Subiaco
13 Japon store – Subiaco
14 Mt Lawley
15 Mexican Kitchen – Fremantle
16 Internet
17 Nik’s house; first one we visited on our trip
18 Tattoos
19 Dôme café – Fremantle
20 Karaoke
21 Perth
22 Krystle – from Perth (reminds me a lot of Nicola)

Free verse account of time in Fremantle


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