I'm in Paris!

So good news! It turns out I was able to bring my laptop with me, so I will put up some pictures. I’m restricted from putting up pictures of me (sad) because any or all might be used for this project. They are keeping me in the dark about what the photos may be used for, but I’m thinking its going to be a calendar or something like that. So far I’ve just been taking pictures of random people in Paris (hence what is put up) and then some old ones I just haven’t put up yet. (I have a lot of photos from old photoshots, but to put them all up at once would be dumb) So you will probably see random varied. I so wish I could put some up of me…but even me visiting various sites could be used. (oh and they are going to use some of the pictures I took for a book we are making-how awesome is that?)
Well, I’m off!

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