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What can I say? I live, I look, I listen, I write. And from that writing, I live again. It’s a cycle – I write for myself, but I appreciate when other people “walk in my skin” for a few moments and although note the differences, delight in the similarities.

I’m contactable via cailean.darkwater@gmail.com and feel free to poke me for other contact details if you want. I love to talk about writing and philosophy in general, human nature, politics, religion, all the subjects you’re NOT meant to mention in polite society, as it were. Curious always to receive feedback – it doesn’t have to be a ringing declaration of “awesomeness” as it were.

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It's Alive?

Going to randomly try again. I think Zolton’s hat inspired me. Although I can’t think why. Here come a few stories.
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Cailean Darkwater is dead

I know that seems to be quite dramatic, but I guess it’s true. / I’m retiring my Cailean Darkwater persona. I think I’ve been using it before as a mask for myself and it’s become less and less necessary. I feel that my pseudonym is holding me back; I’m sure a fair few publishers have looked at the name and sneered and my work has been trashed before it’s even b…
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Love & Hate

I had a little epiphany today. It was at the post office – it was possibly triggered by the song playing on my borrowed “I can’t believe it’s not an ipod” mp3 player. / It sounds like a Star Wars quote, which I suppose, is not exactly a bad thing. Hate leads to the dark side. I guess, it’s so much easier to hate. Hating is often blaming others for our lack of s…
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Noodles for One

It’s a warm afternoon – but it’s pleasant within the restaurant. Open air, but somehow the heat requires invitation to enter by the establishment, which said establishment is loathe to give to this eager summer plebe. That sort of place. Mostly empty at this time of day, too late for lunch, too early for dinner. There are only a few patrons at this high-class domain – a few bored socialites and m…
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Recently Added

The Unloaded Die

This is no Delphi, no Pythia inhaling sulphurous fumes and uttering gibberish to be interpreted by old and doddering greybeards.


The oneness they spoke of, that level of communion. It was Jung’s concept of the universal subconscious made real and expanded upon the uni…

The Scaled Ones

You have discovered my secret, seen what should not have been seen. You do not understand it. Not unless I explain it; it will remain a vex…

Two Skies

He dreamed of a life without the Masters, a life of freedom and peace, concepts and words the People did not before possess.

Only Darkness Remains

Within a few steps of penetrating the garden, while he was fully possessed by his felonious thoughts, they say something came from the sky …

Darkest Yearning

When his father had warned him of the monsters on the streets of New York, he hadn’t thought the monsters were real …


Yes, now the city feared ‘Tulip’ as a clear and present danger. Some even thought that Tulip was not mortal but a monster from the Black Fo…

Beautiful and Well Made

But to Marilyn, all she could see were the hands that had lovingly created the shelf, sanded and stained it. If the shelf did have eyes, th…

Knife’s Edge

Locked in deadly embrace – the gang border dispute or turf war – the only music was the frenzied beating of one’s heart, …

The Pilgrim

Alas! The fates did not smile on this forsaken supplicant! With a righteous roar he didst release the holy fury upon me.

Illegal Alien

Both turned around on cue, expecting to see the typical scientist stereotype in white lab clothes, they were more than surprised to see the…


The threat of detention didn’t scare her. If she was successful, there wouldn’t be any. If she failed in her task, there still wouldn’t be …
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