loving Redbubble

I’m fairly new to redbubble. Like, as of this very moment marks just over 24 hours new. But I can say with a certainty, I love redbubble. I love the sense of community and kinship. The commenter’s and the people behind the lenses, and the structured and not so structured words. The real things in life. The finer things. The experiences.

Redbubble is more than just a spot to upload your favourite artworks and attempt to sell them. It’s a community based on trust and shared interests thrown into the madness of beauty and worldwide structures.

Within minutes of me posting my first photo I had a wonderful comment. Then another. Then another. The ego boost helps and it does wonders for your self esteem.

Within 24 hours I’ve already connected with one person. She lives on the other side of this world, yet we share the same experiences. Redbubble connects people. I like it.

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