My Entry In the PhotoShop Masters Group – Cadence

1: Tell me something about your image Struggling Silence?

‘Struggling Silence’ is a very personal piece to me, and the only thing I feel comfortable saying is that it was made during a time in my life when I felt very isolated and afraid of being judged. Sometimes it’s a struggle to speak out.

2: How did you create it? ( You don’t have to give away any secrets. )

Very little of it was done in post. Only the color, texture, some leveling, and the lightened irises. The color was added to the texture layer (which was a scanned-in watercolor wash) and then added to the original image using a blend mode, but I don’t remember which one. Oh, I also got rid of a bra strap and smoothed over the mouth and added the stitches (duh).

3: What version of PhotoShop did you use?

Photoshop 7

4: Any tips or tricks you would like to Share?

The dodge tool has been my best friend when editing eyes in portraits. Makes them really stand out.

5: How did you go about learning PhotoShop?

Like most, I am predominantly self-taught in Photoshop, and have learned almost everything I know from simply playing around. I did take a couple classes when I got into college, though, which I would recommend to anyone who dabbles and wants to learn more!

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