It's Not the Lens, Folks - It's the Person Behind It!

A lot of people have been asking me what camera and lenses I use. Instead of replying to everyone individually, I thought I’d just put the answer out here in a journal.

So, what lens do I use?
The one that came factory attached to my shitty little handheld Samsung Digimax 530.

What camera do I use?
The shitty little handheld that came factory attached to my ONE lens ;-P

I do not have a fancy, high-end camera. Though I would LOVE to get my hands on a Canon EOS 350D or any model of Nikon, I just don’t have the money. Besides, my little camera gets the job done just fine. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get to borrow my mom’s camera – a Panasonic Lumix. It’s no Nikon, but it is a really good camera. The only images in my gallery that were taken with that camera so far, though, are this one

and this one

In my opinion, the camera doesn’t matter all that much. I think it’s how you use it that counts. I’ve seen people who shoot with Nikons produce really average shots, and I’ve seen some really mind-blowing shots taken with the same camera by a different person. It all just depends on the photographer. If you disagree, let me know why. I’d love to be able to point to the computer screen and say, ‘See, Mom? _That’s_ why I need a new camera!’ ;-P

But yes, that is my embarrassing secret. My camera is a piece of junk. But I don’t really think that should matter.

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