Works in Progress, upcoming projects announced.

So, I’ve completed my collection of paintings from TV’s “The Munsters” , and I’ll be uploading them all shortly in their own collection, and I’ve started my series of Marvel Comic’s “The Avengers”. I’m super stoked about this one. There are going to be at least seven of these in all, with “Cap”, and “IronMan” already added and in their respective collection. Upcoming, in no real particular order… “Hawkeye”, “Nick Fury”, “Black Widow”, “The Hulk”, and of course… “Thor”. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to do a collection of Marvel Villians yet, as they were portrayed in the Marvel Movies, that’s still up for discussion. I’m leaning towards, yes.. but after this collection is complete, I will probably take a hiatus from the Marvel Universe, and focus on some other painting collections I’ve got in mind, then come back to it. Thanks for Reading!!

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