The 2 Cent Competition - Win original art!

Celadore is coming to its end in 2 weeks, over at, and to celebrate, I want to hear what any readers think of it, while giving you the chance to get something back in return!

All you have to do is leave your 2 cents in the feedback at Zuda (you’ll have to sign up if you haven’t already – but you really should!) :oD and you go in the draw to win art! And comics!

What’s up for grabs, you say?

Well, one random winner will receive a fictional ‘cover’ to Celadore, had it been an actual comic, as well as copies of all my comic work to date. Middle Ages 1 – 4, Junk, and my 24 hour comic double sized 06/07 collection.

Here they be…

(Sorry about the cruddy photo. My digital camera is on holiday…)

Here’s a scan of the art (It’s a standard comic art board size – A3-ish)

2 Other random win

Celadore is live!

Hey there gang!…

Celadore is now live on Zuda, updating every tuesday with four new screens. They update late in the day usually, so if you prefer your comics with breakfast – wait til wednesday. ;o)

Also, this month sees the return of Steve Steiner with his THIRD shot at the Zuda trophy with his best entry yet, Middle-Aged Monster.

This man is the real deal. He has a unique style all his own, yet his three entries have all been wildly different. A true talent is on display here and it’s about time we helped him seal the deal. Plus, Middle-Aged Monster, in its all-vector glory, is just damned hilarious.

I whipped up this little ad for him which I’m popping around a few places, as I noticed I still had some leftover Project Wonderful funds. What better way to use them?

If you registered t

We have a winner!

My comic, Celadore over at has taken out the top prize for May!

I am now a legitimately paid comic writer/artist/creator!

BIG thanks to all my Redbubble friends and supporters who took the time to vote. Each and every one of you is the reason I can bring this news to you today – so that is AWESOME. You all deserve big hugs. Not necessarily from me – turn to your right. Ok, they’ll do. ;o)

In fact, for any massive fans out there, send me a decent photo of yourself and I’ll try and squeeze you into the comic as a vampire as a token of my thanks!


Now I better go draw something…


A celadore comic - a random vampire

So, here we have another rough two-pager, leaving the good guys be for a bit, and focusing on the antagonists of my story, Celadore

Vampires! Argh!

So, it has been commented on that my vampires aren’t all that scary. Well, ok, I can take that – they were never meant to be. At least, not straight away.

The way things work in the Celadorian world is that the vampires aren’t living in basements somewhere, with a communal toilet bucket and fighting over the next rat to poke its head out, plotting their next evil scheme… For the most part, they are assimilated into society. To avoid detection by the multitudes of monster hunters (oh yeah, there’s lots – it ain’t just Cel and Wax), they all went out and got jobs and live in houses, and lead relatively normal lives.

The theory is that in this d

A celadore comic - Sam

So, here we are rounding out the ‘good guys’ of my Celadore story with Sam, Evelyn’s next door neighbour.…

He’s 11. He loves comics, sci fi, fantasy, trainspotting, ninjas, horror. He’s a crazy kid basically, and this story takes place three years before my Zuda comic begins.

This incident will be touched on in the actual Zuda comic and is quite important to the overall story. The blue (I wish I had time to colour it all) berries are called Pogobees. What do they do? What are they for? What happens if you eat too many of them? Time will tell…

This one could have stretched out to three pages easily. But I wanted to keep them all at two. For consistency reasons. :o) I’m anal that way. It did mean cramming a LOT of panels into those two pages, though but I got there… The only thing that mi

A celadore comic - Jams, the Frankenstein

Another productive morning! I love getting up early when I get to have fun like this!

So, much like the Evelyn comic, this is another prequel of sorts. The comic is supposed to show us a little of Jams’s situation, but it also takes place right before the actual Zuda comic

(Have you voted? Go vote! ;o) Whew. One more week and you won’t have to hear that from me again. Yay, you say? YAY I say!

Check out the rough pencilled fun…

A celadore comic - the tooth fairy

Howdy folks!

So, some of you have seen my comic over at zuda yes? No? Go! Look now! Then come back and read this little supplemental addition to my Celadorian world, starring Jeunesse – Ness for short. The Tooth Fairy.

Some people were intrigued about the involvement of the tooth fairy in the story, and this is just to shed a little more light on her role. She’s Celadore’s business partner, basically.

Plus, I decided to leave it at the pencil stage, so you can all see what that looks like before I destroy it with my stiff inking, and soulless colouring. ;o)

Vote for me at!

Howdy folks!

So, ever since I was 5, I’ve wanted to be in comics, one way or another.

For all of May, my comic, Celadore, about a monster hunter who gets her soul bounced into an 11 year old girl’s body and has to restore order to the world now that vampires can walk in the daylight, will be at!

The prize is an actual contract with zuda to finish the story. And be paid for it! From there, anything is possible.

You have to register to vote, but it’s free and easy and they don’t ever send you annoying emails. Once registered, there are three things you can do…

Give it 5 stars
Favourite it
and, most important of all, VOTE for it! :o)

Please, please PLEASE help make my childhood dreams come true. :oD

Thank you!

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