Shirtheads - featuring nofrillsart

This week we bring you some more nofrillsart!
No, not my comics… this nofrillsart

And there was lots to choose from, but there was one I found particularly interesting…

It is there. See?

What would you do, if you had a Stealth-bomber?

Well obviously I would be super stealthy! Maybe I would cut a few hot laps round town…try and impress Wonder Woman. Actually, I would probably complain about the cost of fuel and have to pick up an extra paper round or something just to get it out of the driveway. After that I would see the world…South America, China, Egypt are top of my list… really as if it wouldn’t be totally cool, tell me I’m wrong. Ignoring the fact of course that they are purpose built killing machines, they do also look damn sexy!

What fuels you to create? How did you end up on the

Shirtheads - featuring purelydecorative

This week’s strip is inspired by…


and this fantastic design…

but also partly inspired by the multitude of journal entries that pop up on the bubble from disillusioned artists who can’t make a sale and are thusly calling it quits. They seem to be a regular weekly (or more) occurence. Here’s to you!

Why do you take photos?

I’ve always done this memory thing all my life, even when I was a little girl, of forcing myself to stop and really impress the moment on my memory when I’m doing something, or am somewhere that is really significant to me. These significant moments aren’t always beautiful ones either, but I guess I feel like I’m trying to store them up to help my future self remember something significant. So taking photographs is a way to do that in solid form, and a

Shirtheads - featuring jemimalovesbigted

Let’s get funky this week with

and some Jello Cups

Mm. Tasty. :o)

Are these in fact jello cups, or was it a pattern first that you named after the fact? What inspires your designs? Is it random discovery or do you set yourself goals?

I was born in the late 70’s so by the time I was old enough to realise what was going on we had hit the 80’s, the era of bad hair and fluorescent socks (oh and don’t think it looks good now kids just cause its being re-hashed)… It never sat well with me. Bell bottoms, short skirts, peace, love and mung beans kept calling me back to the 70’s where the patterns were big and lairy and the polyester revolution was born. I love the fashion, the music, the energy of that time, so when I go to design a pattern, inevitably I get lulled back to tho

Shirtheads - featuring sparklehen

A picture tells a thousand words
as do these tshirts…

by sparklehen

Open yourselves to a little illumination this week, as we gather some more thoughts from sparklehen – take it away ‘Sparky’! ;o)

Any first date experiences you can share with us? Disastrous or no?

When I first started dating I seemed to be asked out by “bad boys ” which some girls might be attracted to, but I was really a goodie two shoes…..
Wait a minute, I think I might be getting mixed up with the storyline from Grease! No, I really can’t think of any disastrous first dates, but my mind would wander (really badly!) if the conversation wasn’t going well or they didn’t make me laugh. Hence this series, but I wanted Jane and Keith to actually like each other. It would have been a cheap shot for Jane to be nasty about Ke

Shirtheads - featuring Jaywalker

Hi folks! Shirtheads is back in business this week,
dragging Jaywalker along in its wake.

I’ve often thought life might be more interesting if people broke out into spontaneous song and dance all willy-nilly, so this tee appealed to me pretty strongly. :o)

So, pull up a patch of concrete and get comfy, as we give our undivided attention to the fancy-dancin’ Jaywalker.

So can you, in fact, break dance? Or used to? Want to? Why is it so cool?

I can only break dance in online interviews now. I used to do it in public, but I couldn’t abide the constant requests from fans. You know, the usual:

“Please don’t block our store front.”
“Someone get help! He’s bleeding!”
“Timmy, Sarah – look away.”

But seriously, I am somewhat enamored with hip-hop culture. REAL hip-hop culture, that is. None of this

Shirtheads - featuring Chris Wahl

Eerily enough, I think this is the look most people get when I send them their Shirthead questions.

Chris Wahl is another one of those unstoppable bubblers who had a lot of funky tshirts to choose from

but it was Paper Rock Scissors

that ended up inspiring in me yet another simple, (and kinda nasty) gag. Think of it as a no-budget Curiosity Show. :oP


What do you think are the decisions people use this game most for? What should be solved using Rock Paper Scissors?

Usually, I think it’s used to decide who gets the short end of the straw. Like who’s gonna do the dishes, or who’s gonna climb the fence to retrieve the ball from Old Man Cooper’s haunted mansion, things like that.
Soccer matches should definitely use them on 0-0 draws. Definitely makes more sense than those stupid pena

Shirtheads - featuring Liesl Yvette Wilson

It’s not easy to pull off ‘sweet but sinister’…
Unless you’re Liesl Yvette Wilson that is. ;o)

This shirt in particular, and this one

is what inspired me this week, but also the general scampiness of Liesl’s Tullulah.

break out your evil grins folks, and smile with me ;o)

So, what can you tell us about Tullulah? Is she based on anyone? What’s the story? What are the books you’re working on and when/where can we see them?

Hmmmmm….Well as so often is the case, I don’t know where Tullulah came from, she kinda just showed up one day…she didn’t even bring any treats with her, not even a jar of Marmite, Tulluala’s really rude that way…at least Paddington brought his own suitcase. But no, she just landed on me…I’ve had to look after her ever since and it hasn’t been easy, cos she is such a littl

Shirtheads - featuring rubyred

It was a tough choice on which tshirt to feature this week, as there were so many to choose from

but I finally settled on this one

What was a no-brainer though,
was the choice of rubyred

Fast becoming one of the most prolific bubblers at the moment, the man has uploaded more gold in the past month than I think I’ve done in the whole time I’ve been here!

It’s boomtime! ;o)

So, what do you like about Earth?

It’s my home, and I always enjoy coming back!! I think growing up I was guilty of being fairly blinkered to wider global issues. But now, having two young children, it’s very clichéd, but you can’t help but think about their futures and their children’s futures. What we do or don’t do now is going to have a massive effect on what they have to deal with in the not too distant future. The

Shirtheads - featuring thickblackoutline

Does this week’s Shirthead victim, thickblackoutline

really need an introduction?

Then again, implying that one’s work is so idiosyncratic and recognisable it doesn’t NEED an introduction, is in fact, an introduction, isn’t it?


My head hurts.

I wasn’t inspired by any one tshirt this week, but more a common thread (get it?) appearing throughout TBO’s tshirts.

That’s right… HAIR! :oD

What is the appeal of Japanese art?

The appeal is the culture, the complex minimalism, the food (!)….. I think its all related to who i was in a past life, I really connect to it on more than just a “i love sushi” sort of level. its more like a i’ve seen this, or i’m meant to be doing this. i think its really been around all my life. From my dad reading the Shogun series and me looking at the front co

Shirtheads - featuring Natalie Tyler

This week’s Shirthead victim runs the
Unofficial Redbubble Tshirt Blog

and, contrary to her redbubble avatar,

Natalie Tyler is not a piece of fruit. Although, like a piece of fruit, peel off a layer or two, and you get something altogether delicious.

Let’s eat!

This is the tshirt, by the way, folks… :oD

So, what is a manchild?

I have witnessed two types of manchild in their natural habitat and interestingly, they are almost polar opposites. One has the appearance of a man but displays Peter Pan-like qualities, namely the refusal to act like an adult. Often they will give the impression that they are fully grown adults but scratch the surface and you will find a fourteen year-old. Typical behavior includes: dressing like a teenager, owning one or more games consoles, spending an unhealt

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