The 2 Cent Competition - Win original art!

Celadore is coming to its end in 2 weeks, over at, and to celebrate, I want to hear what any readers think of it, while giving you the chance to get something back in return!

All you have to do is leave your 2 cents in the feedback at Zuda (you’ll have to sign up if you haven’t already – but you really should!) :oD and you go in the draw to win art! And comics!

What’s up for grabs, you say?

Well, one random winner will receive a fictional ‘cover’ to Celadore, had it been an actual comic, as well as copies of all my comic work to date. Middle Ages 1 – 4, Junk, and my 24 hour comic double sized 06/07 collection.

Here they be…

(Sorry about the cruddy photo. My digital camera is on holiday…)

Here’s a scan of the art (It’s a standard comic art board size – A3-ish)

2 Other random win

Shirtheads - featuring MuscularTeeth

Just to remind people, Lemmings do in fact jump off cliffs, but not intentionally. They overpopulate, migrate when their food is depleted, and sometimes, just sometimes, they may find themselves falling tail over tooth in a state of panic. Apparently they’re ferocious rat bastards, but it’s still tragic.…

Ok, that’s the serious part of the program over with.
Bring on the entertainment!


Which untamed animal would make the best, next awesome pet sensation to sweep the world? (You can say lemming, it’s ok).

First there are many animals out there in the wild. More than 5 easy. And there are quite a few young children around too. Possibly way more than 5. And its hard to put people in boxes as generally the boxes supplied aren’t large enough. Thus, in today’s modern world it’s no

Shirtheads - featuring o0OdemocrazyO0o


As well as demonstrating the crazy,
democrazy demonstrates the skills
and you know what happens when
you put the two together… That’s right.

Crazy skills.

Here’s the shirt that inspired the strip.


And putting aside any gross
‘Hit ’em with the old Peebow’ jokes,
here’s the strip. :oD

What would you do with a pot of gold?

ohh i would make my family fiscally safe (i am loosing my job this week due to Fairfax…) and then use it to open peoples mind to the idea that we can change our system of living… y’know… more community less capital less ism more art for a start… kill the whole party voting / fat cats living off being a minister etc…

What would you sell your soul to the devil for?

For Bill Hicks to come back from the dead and start a bar in my home town

What did you want

Shirtheads - featuring Luckyvegetable

Zombies love brains. Let’s flip open the head of Luckyvegetable
and find ourselves a truly entertaining feed.

This shirt

tickled my funny bone in particular,
with a very obvious joke. ;o)

What would make a better date and why? A zombie, vampire, werewolf or Frankenstein’s monster?

Hmm…I’m thinking that sounds like the start of a great party already! I suppose I should stick to my theory that zombies would make the best lovers..well, the most persistent anyway. All that romantic mindless groaning teamed with the unstoppable undead shuffle….quite a combo, really. Of course, I have been known to keep company with at least one wolf, and I’m told by recent bestselling pop literature that vampires are really really ridiculously good-looking, so maybe I should keep my options open…

Where’s the

Celadore is live!

Hey there gang!…

Celadore is now live on Zuda, updating every tuesday with four new screens. They update late in the day usually, so if you prefer your comics with breakfast – wait til wednesday. ;o)

Also, this month sees the return of Steve Steiner with his THIRD shot at the Zuda trophy with his best entry yet, Middle-Aged Monster.

This man is the real deal. He has a unique style all his own, yet his three entries have all been wildly different. A true talent is on display here and it’s about time we helped him seal the deal. Plus, Middle-Aged Monster, in its all-vector glory, is just damned hilarious.

I whipped up this little ad for him which I’m popping around a few places, as I noticed I still had some leftover Project Wonderful funds. What better way to use them?

If you registered t

Shirtheads - featuring ... caanan?

Monstar: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all other anthropomorphic personifications, my name is Monstar and this is my friend Bunnee
from the hit webcomic aptly titled Monstar
Bunnee: I don’t know if you could describe it as a “hit” webcomic. Unless you’re referring to the one hit we get each day from my mum?
Monstar: Anyhoo…we’re here today because Caanan has injured his back and Shirtheads will be out of action for the next few weeks. So we took it
upon ourselves to step into the breach (of copyright) and take over the Shirtheads strip this week.
Bunnee: How did he injure his back? Did a Predator rip out his spine or did he throw it out “on the job” (wink, wink)?
Monstar: You can ask him yourself, because he’s our very special guest interviewee today. Ladies and gentleman a rou

Shirtheads - featuring bahgoesthesheep

It’s bahgoesthesheep

Yes, sheep do go bah, but…
turns out they also have LOTS more to say…

And who could resist the cool cool allure of doing a comic strip about a zombie stuffed bunny army? In fact, I could have done quite a few. Maybe a whole 24 page book. :o) If Jocelyn’s happy with it, I may post another one of my ideas but as a tshirt somewhere down the line if I can find the time.

Anyway, I’ve bleated enough. Here’s the real deal.

How does one overcome an attack from a zombie stuffed bunny army?

Lock and LOAD!! Maybe hope like hell you’re not one of the poor suckas that die, or turn into a zombie thing. Or just develop crazy zombie fighting prowess(xD). Honestly though, everyone would probably die. or want to. Zombie bunnies no joke, super fast super vicious, and one bite turns you

Shirtheads - featuring LilyM

LilyM lurks around corners…

…open arms are her weapon of choice.…

I won’t even begin to list the people who could follow in such soft, ready footsteps.

Hugged by a Ninja!

Assuming a world without violence, and assassinations, what else would ninjas be good for?

Due to their overwhelming awesomeness there is probably nothing a ninja couldn’t do. But I believe firstly they would finally make peace with the Pirates and together they would open a chain of highly successful clothing shops called “ARRRH You Being Severed”. The ninja sales assistant appears next to you, silent and deadly, causing you to mess yourself and immediately need new pants.

Who needs a big old hug right now?

I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t like (ok need) a big old hug right now. Everyone who reads this should

Shirtheads - featuring Tabita

This week get yourself acquainted with Tabita

(And here she is in vector form…)

And here’s the strip!
Based on this little bad-ass… Ninja chicken

What happens when good animals go bad?

I’m thinking evil zombie demon giraffes (I’ve had my share of freaky nightmares) but basically I think something just breaks in their mind and they turn evil.

What’s your favouritest tshirt ever?

One summer when I was about 8 I used to wear one of my dad’s t-shirts as a dress. I really loved it because it was so weird – it was red but said “Blue Marine” and even with my non-existing English skills I knew what blue meant and found it hilarious that the t-shirt wasn’t actually blue. Ah, yes, what a joy it was to be a little kid with no sense of anything.

Anyway, if I had to pick a favourite t-shirt out of my

Shirtheads - featuring animo

This week’s tshirt that caught my attention…

is by animo

So let’s all say ‘hello’ to animo, as she takes her meds… ;o)

This tshirt was inspired by a post in one of the forums here – this post, actually

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Do you have one now?

No, but my sister had enough for the both of us. She still has one now (in her mid-thirties) which she sends to me when he’s been naughty and lets me know via SMS of his impending arrival. While visiting he would hide himself in the tumble-drier and on a few occasions [because he was not in my imagination, but my sister’s] I didn’t realise and threw in a load of wet socks on warm for half an hour. Luckily imaginary vomit comes off with a light shake.

How did you find the bubble? What made you stick around?

Actually, I found the B

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