The 2 Cent Competition - Win original art!

Celadore is coming to its end in 2 weeks, over at, and to celebrate, I want to hear what any readers think of it, while giving you the chance to get something back in return!

All you have to do is leave your 2 cents in the feedback at Zuda (you’ll have to sign up if you haven’t already – but you really should!) :oD and you go in the draw to win art! And comics!

What’s up for grabs, you say?

Well, one random winner will receive a fictional ‘cover’ to Celadore, had it been an actual comic, as well as copies of all my comic work to date. Middle Ages 1 – 4, Junk, and my 24 hour comic double sized 06/07 collection.

Here they be…

(Sorry about the cruddy photo. My digital camera is on holiday…)

Here’s a scan of the art (It’s a standard comic art board size – A3-ish)

2 Other random win

Shirtheads - featuring MuscularTeeth

Just to remind people, Lemmings do in fact jump off cliffs, but not intentionally. They overpopulate, migrate when their food is depleted, and sometimes, just sometimes, they may find themselves falling tail over tooth in a state of panic. Apparently they’re ferocious rat bastards, but it’s still tragic.…

Ok, that’s the serious part of the program over with.
Bring on the entertainment!


Which untamed animal would make the best, next awesome pet sensation to sweep the world? (You can say lemming, it’s ok).

First there are many animals out there in the wild. More than 5 easy. And there are quite a few young children around too. Possibly way more than 5. And its hard to put people in boxes as generally the boxes supplied aren’t large enough. Thus, in today’s modern world it’s no

Shirtheads - featuring o0OdemocrazyO0o


As well as demonstrating the crazy,
democrazy demonstrates the skills
and you know what happens when
you put the two together… That’s right.

Crazy skills.

Here’s the shirt that inspired the strip.


And putting aside any gross
‘Hit ’em with the old Peebow’ jokes,
here’s the strip. :oD

What would you do with a pot of gold?

ohh i would make my family fiscally safe (i am loosing my job this week due to Fairfax…) and then use it to open peoples mind to the idea that we can change our system of living… y’know… more community less capital less ism more art for a start… kill the whole party voting / fat cats living off being a minister etc…

What would you sell your soul to the devil for?

For Bill Hicks to come back from the dead and start a bar in my home town

What did you want

Shirtheads - featuring Luckyvegetable

Zombies love brains. Let’s flip open the head of Luckyvegetable
and find ourselves a truly entertaining feed.

This shirt

tickled my funny bone in particular,
with a very obvious joke. ;o)

What would make a better date and why? A zombie, vampire, werewolf or Frankenstein’s monster?

Hmm…I’m thinking that sounds like the start of a great party already! I suppose I should stick to my theory that zombies would make the best lovers..well, the most persistent anyway. All that romantic mindless groaning teamed with the unstoppable undead shuffle….quite a combo, really. Of course, I have been known to keep company with at least one wolf, and I’m told by recent bestselling pop literature that vampires are really really ridiculously good-looking, so maybe I should keep my options open…

Where’s the

Celadore is live!

Hey there gang!…

Celadore is now live on Zuda, updating every tuesday with four new screens. They update late in the day usually, so if you prefer your comics with breakfast – wait til wednesday. ;o)

Also, this month sees the return of Steve Steiner with his THIRD shot at the Zuda trophy with his best entry yet, Middle-Aged Monster.

This man is the real deal. He has a unique style all his own, yet his three entries have all been wildly different. A true talent is on display here and it’s about time we helped him seal the deal. Plus, Middle-Aged Monster, in its all-vector glory, is just damned hilarious.

I whipped up this little ad for him which I’m popping around a few places, as I noticed I still had some leftover Project Wonderful funds. What better way to use them?

If you registered t

Shirtheads - featuring ... caanan?

Monstar: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all other anthropomorphic personifications, my name is Monstar and this is my friend Bunnee
from the hit webcomic aptly titled Monstar
Bunnee: I don’t know if you could describe it as a “hit” webcomic. Unless you’re referring to the one hit we get each day from my mum?
Monstar: Anyhoo…we’re here today because Caanan has injured his back and Shirtheads will be out of action for the next few weeks. So we took it
upon ourselves to step into the breach (of copyright) and take over the Shirtheads strip this week.
Bunnee: How did he injure his back? Did a Predator rip out his spine or did he throw it out “on the job” (wink, wink)?
Monstar: You can ask him yourself, because he’s our very special guest interviewee today. Ladies and gentleman a rou

Out of action

Early warning to my regular Shirtheads readers. You few, you valiant few… :o)

It will be gone for a couple weeks as I recover from major back injuries.

Thank you. See you all soon.

Caanan. :o)

Shirtheads - featuring bahgoesthesheep

It’s bahgoesthesheep

Yes, sheep do go bah, but…
turns out they also have LOTS more to say…

And who could resist the cool cool allure of doing a comic strip about a zombie stuffed bunny army? In fact, I could have done quite a few. Maybe a whole 24 page book. :o) If Jocelyn’s happy with it, I may post another one of my ideas but as a tshirt somewhere down the line if I can find the time.

Anyway, I’ve bleated enough. Here’s the real deal.

How does one overcome an attack from a zombie stuffed bunny army?

Lock and LOAD!! Maybe hope like hell you’re not one of the poor suckas that die, or turn into a zombie thing. Or just develop crazy zombie fighting prowess(xD). Honestly though, everyone would probably die. or want to. Zombie bunnies no joke, super fast super vicious, and one bite turns you

Shirtheads - featuring LilyM

LilyM lurks around corners…

…open arms are her weapon of choice.…

I won’t even begin to list the people who could follow in such soft, ready footsteps.

Hugged by a Ninja!

Assuming a world without violence, and assassinations, what else would ninjas be good for?

Due to their overwhelming awesomeness there is probably nothing a ninja couldn’t do. But I believe firstly they would finally make peace with the Pirates and together they would open a chain of highly successful clothing shops called “ARRRH You Being Severed”. The ninja sales assistant appears next to you, silent and deadly, causing you to mess yourself and immediately need new pants.

Who needs a big old hug right now?

I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t like (ok need) a big old hug right now. Everyone who reads this should

Shirtheads - featuring Tabita

This week get yourself acquainted with Tabita

(And here she is in vector form…)

And here’s the strip!
Based on this little bad-ass… Ninja chicken

What happens when good animals go bad?

I’m thinking evil zombie demon giraffes (I’ve had my share of freaky nightmares) but basically I think something just breaks in their mind and they turn evil.

What’s your favouritest tshirt ever?

One summer when I was about 8 I used to wear one of my dad’s t-shirts as a dress. I really loved it because it was so weird – it was red but said “Blue Marine” and even with my non-existing English skills I knew what blue meant and found it hilarious that the t-shirt wasn’t actually blue. Ah, yes, what a joy it was to be a little kid with no sense of anything.

Anyway, if I had to pick a favourite t-shirt out of my

Shirtheads - featuring animo

This week’s tshirt that caught my attention…

is by animo

So let’s all say ‘hello’ to animo, as she takes her meds… ;o)

This tshirt was inspired by a post in one of the forums here – this post, actually

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Do you have one now?

No, but my sister had enough for the both of us. She still has one now (in her mid-thirties) which she sends to me when he’s been naughty and lets me know via SMS of his impending arrival. While visiting he would hide himself in the tumble-drier and on a few occasions [because he was not in my imagination, but my sister’s] I didn’t realise and threw in a load of wet socks on warm for half an hour. Luckily imaginary vomit comes off with a light shake.

How did you find the bubble? What made you stick around?

Actually, I found the B

Shirtheads - featuring Superteam: Non-Stop

And we’re back! With interview number 20, no less! A minor milestone.…

And what better way to celebrate, than with the aptly named
Superteam: Non-Stop

Whose Wrestle Cat stole the hearts of hundreds in this year’s Comikaze 24 hour challenge.

Read the comic here

Where did Wrestle Cat come from? Where is he going?

He follows the lead of my favourite superheroic animals such as Beppo the
Superchimp and Ace the Bat-Hound from back in the day. I love the idea of Batman putting a mask on a dog and thinking it is a good idea. Fiasco Bombasco had the same idea with his cat due to his love of wrestiling plus of course his taking so many punches to the head.

Fiasco’s dream is for Wrestle Cat to become World Wrestling Champ (pets division). This dream is at odds with Wrestle Cat’s own ambitions of a l

Where oh where has my Shirtheads gone?

Howdy folks.

Shirtheads (and me) will be enjoying a brief two week hiatus. Obviously, there was none today – this is due to my flight back to Canada that crammed 26 hours seemingly into 12. I’m tired. Plain and simple.’

And next week, I will be in San Diego at the big Comic-Con and I expect it’s going to be NUTS.

Be back in two weeks as we pick up where I left off.


Shirtheads - featuring Rhys McDonald

Sometimes I like to pick shirts merely because I’d like to have a go at drawing my own rendition of some funky designs, and I really liked this little guy…

by Rhys McDonald

(I had to resist REALLY HARD to do a strip based on this one ;o)

What do you think the differences are between the lives of someone who’s ugly, and someone who’s beautiful? (By standard definitions of course. It’s all subjective)

I never get whenever you see those gossip rags with the headline ‘celebrities caught without make up’ or something and you look at them and they’re just average joes, no better than the guy over there with the pot belly or the homely woman at the petrol station – if someone is even remotely okay looking they’re instantly distinguished from the rest of us schleps. If you’re only looking at some

Shirtheads - featuring nofrillsart

This week we bring you some more nofrillsart!
No, not my comics… this nofrillsart

And there was lots to choose from, but there was one I found particularly interesting…

It is there. See?

What would you do, if you had a Stealth-bomber?

Well obviously I would be super stealthy! Maybe I would cut a few hot laps round town…try and impress Wonder Woman. Actually, I would probably complain about the cost of fuel and have to pick up an extra paper round or something just to get it out of the driveway. After that I would see the world…South America, China, Egypt are top of my list… really as if it wouldn’t be totally cool, tell me I’m wrong. Ignoring the fact of course that they are purpose built killing machines, they do also look damn sexy!

What fuels you to create? How did you end up on the

Shirtheads - featuring purelydecorative

This week’s strip is inspired by…


and this fantastic design…

but also partly inspired by the multitude of journal entries that pop up on the bubble from disillusioned artists who can’t make a sale and are thusly calling it quits. They seem to be a regular weekly (or more) occurence. Here’s to you!

Why do you take photos?

I’ve always done this memory thing all my life, even when I was a little girl, of forcing myself to stop and really impress the moment on my memory when I’m doing something, or am somewhere that is really significant to me. These significant moments aren’t always beautiful ones either, but I guess I feel like I’m trying to store them up to help my future self remember something significant. So taking photographs is a way to do that in solid form, and a

Shirtheads - featuring jemimalovesbigted

Let’s get funky this week with

and some Jello Cups

Mm. Tasty. :o)

Are these in fact jello cups, or was it a pattern first that you named after the fact? What inspires your designs? Is it random discovery or do you set yourself goals?

I was born in the late 70’s so by the time I was old enough to realise what was going on we had hit the 80’s, the era of bad hair and fluorescent socks (oh and don’t think it looks good now kids just cause its being re-hashed)… It never sat well with me. Bell bottoms, short skirts, peace, love and mung beans kept calling me back to the 70’s where the patterns were big and lairy and the polyester revolution was born. I love the fashion, the music, the energy of that time, so when I go to design a pattern, inevitably I get lulled back to tho

Have you been Shirtheaded?

This is a call out to anyone who has been Shirtheaded!

If you’re looking for something to hang round the home, for the first time ever I am offering up my original art for sale. For the measly price of $70 (including postage), you can purchase the strip in which you were featured, and I will bundle it together with a smaller, full colour print of the strip also… Perfect for framing together! :o)

Bubblemail me if you’d like to take me up on the offer, and we can work out payment, addresses, etc.

Shirtheads - featuring sparklehen

A picture tells a thousand words
as do these tshirts…

by sparklehen

Open yourselves to a little illumination this week, as we gather some more thoughts from sparklehen – take it away ‘Sparky’! ;o)

Any first date experiences you can share with us? Disastrous or no?

When I first started dating I seemed to be asked out by “bad boys ” which some girls might be attracted to, but I was really a goodie two shoes…..
Wait a minute, I think I might be getting mixed up with the storyline from Grease! No, I really can’t think of any disastrous first dates, but my mind would wander (really badly!) if the conversation wasn’t going well or they didn’t make me laugh. Hence this series, but I wanted Jane and Keith to actually like each other. It would have been a cheap shot for Jane to be nasty about Ke

Shirtheads - featuring Jaywalker

Hi folks! Shirtheads is back in business this week,
dragging Jaywalker along in its wake.

I’ve often thought life might be more interesting if people broke out into spontaneous song and dance all willy-nilly, so this tee appealed to me pretty strongly. :o)

So, pull up a patch of concrete and get comfy, as we give our undivided attention to the fancy-dancin’ Jaywalker.

So can you, in fact, break dance? Or used to? Want to? Why is it so cool?

I can only break dance in online interviews now. I used to do it in public, but I couldn’t abide the constant requests from fans. You know, the usual:

“Please don’t block our store front.”
“Someone get help! He’s bleeding!”
“Timmy, Sarah – look away.”

But seriously, I am somewhat enamored with hip-hop culture. REAL hip-hop culture, that is. None of this


Hi guys!

So, I’m back in Melbourne, and Shirtheads was supposed to be posted today, but I have a lot of things to go and take care of this week so Shirtheads will return to its regularly scheduled updates NEXT monday.

I would love to meet any of you Melbourne bubblers out there too now that I’m back. We should organise a tshirt designing jam session or something. Or just go out and get hammered. Or both.



We have a winner!

My comic, Celadore over at has taken out the top prize for May!

I am now a legitimately paid comic writer/artist/creator!

BIG thanks to all my Redbubble friends and supporters who took the time to vote. Each and every one of you is the reason I can bring this news to you today – so that is AWESOME. You all deserve big hugs. Not necessarily from me – turn to your right. Ok, they’ll do. ;o)

In fact, for any massive fans out there, send me a decent photo of yourself and I’ll try and squeeze you into the comic as a vampire as a token of my thanks!


Now I better go draw something…


A celadore comic - a random vampire

So, here we have another rough two-pager, leaving the good guys be for a bit, and focusing on the antagonists of my story, Celadore

Vampires! Argh!

So, it has been commented on that my vampires aren’t all that scary. Well, ok, I can take that – they were never meant to be. At least, not straight away.

The way things work in the Celadorian world is that the vampires aren’t living in basements somewhere, with a communal toilet bucket and fighting over the next rat to poke its head out, plotting their next evil scheme… For the most part, they are assimilated into society. To avoid detection by the multitudes of monster hunters (oh yeah, there’s lots – it ain’t just Cel and Wax), they all went out and got jobs and live in houses, and lead relatively normal lives.

The theory is that in this d

A celadore comic - Sam

So, here we are rounding out the ‘good guys’ of my Celadore story with Sam, Evelyn’s next door neighbour.…

He’s 11. He loves comics, sci fi, fantasy, trainspotting, ninjas, horror. He’s a crazy kid basically, and this story takes place three years before my Zuda comic begins.

This incident will be touched on in the actual Zuda comic and is quite important to the overall story. The blue (I wish I had time to colour it all) berries are called Pogobees. What do they do? What are they for? What happens if you eat too many of them? Time will tell…

This one could have stretched out to three pages easily. But I wanted to keep them all at two. For consistency reasons. :o) I’m anal that way. It did mean cramming a LOT of panels into those two pages, though but I got there… The only thing that mi

Shirtheads - featuring Chris Wahl

Eerily enough, I think this is the look most people get when I send them their Shirthead questions.

Chris Wahl is another one of those unstoppable bubblers who had a lot of funky tshirts to choose from

but it was Paper Rock Scissors

that ended up inspiring in me yet another simple, (and kinda nasty) gag. Think of it as a no-budget Curiosity Show. :oP


What do you think are the decisions people use this game most for? What should be solved using Rock Paper Scissors?

Usually, I think it’s used to decide who gets the short end of the straw. Like who’s gonna do the dishes, or who’s gonna climb the fence to retrieve the ball from Old Man Cooper’s haunted mansion, things like that.
Soccer matches should definitely use them on 0-0 draws. Definitely makes more sense than those stupid pena

A celadore comic - Jams, the Frankenstein

Another productive morning! I love getting up early when I get to have fun like this!

So, much like the Evelyn comic, this is another prequel of sorts. The comic is supposed to show us a little of Jams’s situation, but it also takes place right before the actual Zuda comic

(Have you voted? Go vote! ;o) Whew. One more week and you won’t have to hear that from me again. Yay, you say? YAY I say!

Check out the rough pencilled fun…

A celadore comic - Evelyn

Ok. So, here’s a little background on our unfortunate hero.…

Who is Evelyn? What’s her life like? Let’s flash back three months and find out how Evelyn got to where she is when we first see her in my Zuda comic

(Have you read it? Have you voted? Please vote, I know I’m on top, but there’s a whole week left of my topsy turvy nail biting where anything could happen world left…) :oD

Anyway. I drew this one staggered over last week and finally got the time to colour it today. I need the practice on my colouring. I think I need to stay away from primary colours. ;o)

Oh, and a little background on this story… It’s adapted from an idea for a comic I had about six or seven years ago called Racey Rocket. This girl gets into a bad accident, and wakes up to find her dad isn’t a farmer after all –

A celadore comic - Wax, the shapeshifter

Well, technically, Wax is an Animagus. He can turn into any animal as long as he has contact with its skin, feather, or fur, etc.

That’s why he wears fur lined underwear. Patchwork fur made from hare, wolf, and rat. With some eagle and hummingbird feathers sewn in for variety. And there’s no stronger hair to sew it all up with than that from a unicorn’s mane (now extinct, of course).

Wax is very very old, and the reason Celadore is now a monster hunter. But that’s a story for another day. For now, here’s a story for this day… In all its pencil glory once again.

A celadore comic - the tooth fairy

Howdy folks!

So, some of you have seen my comic over at zuda yes? No? Go! Look now! Then come back and read this little supplemental addition to my Celadorian world, starring Jeunesse – Ness for short. The Tooth Fairy.

Some people were intrigued about the involvement of the tooth fairy in the story, and this is just to shed a little more light on her role. She’s Celadore’s business partner, basically.

Plus, I decided to leave it at the pencil stage, so you can all see what that looks like before I destroy it with my stiff inking, and soulless colouring. ;o)

Shirtheads - featuring Liesl Yvette Wilson

It’s not easy to pull off ‘sweet but sinister’…
Unless you’re Liesl Yvette Wilson that is. ;o)

This shirt in particular, and this one

is what inspired me this week, but also the general scampiness of Liesl’s Tullulah.

break out your evil grins folks, and smile with me ;o)

So, what can you tell us about Tullulah? Is she based on anyone? What’s the story? What are the books you’re working on and when/where can we see them?

Hmmmmm….Well as so often is the case, I don’t know where Tullulah came from, she kinda just showed up one day…she didn’t even bring any treats with her, not even a jar of Marmite, Tulluala’s really rude that way…at least Paddington brought his own suitcase. But no, she just landed on me…I’ve had to look after her ever since and it hasn’t been easy, cos she is such a littl

Shirtheads - featuring rubyred

It was a tough choice on which tshirt to feature this week, as there were so many to choose from

but I finally settled on this one

What was a no-brainer though,
was the choice of rubyred

Fast becoming one of the most prolific bubblers at the moment, the man has uploaded more gold in the past month than I think I’ve done in the whole time I’ve been here!

It’s boomtime! ;o)

So, what do you like about Earth?

It’s my home, and I always enjoy coming back!! I think growing up I was guilty of being fairly blinkered to wider global issues. But now, having two young children, it’s very clichéd, but you can’t help but think about their futures and their children’s futures. What we do or don’t do now is going to have a massive effect on what they have to deal with in the not too distant future. The

Vote for me at!

Howdy folks!

So, ever since I was 5, I’ve wanted to be in comics, one way or another.

For all of May, my comic, Celadore, about a monster hunter who gets her soul bounced into an 11 year old girl’s body and has to restore order to the world now that vampires can walk in the daylight, will be at!

The prize is an actual contract with zuda to finish the story. And be paid for it! From there, anything is possible.

You have to register to vote, but it’s free and easy and they don’t ever send you annoying emails. Once registered, there are three things you can do…

Give it 5 stars
Favourite it
and, most important of all, VOTE for it! :o)

Please, please PLEASE help make my childhood dreams come true. :oD

Thank you!

Shirtheads - featuring thickblackoutline

Does this week’s Shirthead victim, thickblackoutline

really need an introduction?

Then again, implying that one’s work is so idiosyncratic and recognisable it doesn’t NEED an introduction, is in fact, an introduction, isn’t it?


My head hurts.

I wasn’t inspired by any one tshirt this week, but more a common thread (get it?) appearing throughout TBO’s tshirts.

That’s right… HAIR! :oD

What is the appeal of Japanese art?

The appeal is the culture, the complex minimalism, the food (!)….. I think its all related to who i was in a past life, I really connect to it on more than just a “i love sushi” sort of level. its more like a i’ve seen this, or i’m meant to be doing this. i think its really been around all my life. From my dad reading the Shogun series and me looking at the front co

Shirtheads - featuring Natalie Tyler

This week’s Shirthead victim runs the
Unofficial Redbubble Tshirt Blog

and, contrary to her redbubble avatar,

Natalie Tyler is not a piece of fruit. Although, like a piece of fruit, peel off a layer or two, and you get something altogether delicious.

Let’s eat!

This is the tshirt, by the way, folks… :oD

So, what is a manchild?

I have witnessed two types of manchild in their natural habitat and interestingly, they are almost polar opposites. One has the appearance of a man but displays Peter Pan-like qualities, namely the refusal to act like an adult. Often they will give the impression that they are fully grown adults but scratch the surface and you will find a fourteen year-old. Typical behavior includes: dressing like a teenager, owning one or more games consoles, spending an unhealt

Shirtheads - featuring Ross Robinson

It’s the age old question… quantity or quality?
In the case of Ross Robinson

what happens if you have both?…

I had a virtual smorgasbord of designs
to pick from, but this one

screamed to me with a very simple gag, so let’s get to it!

If a robot and a monkey had a child in this day and age, map out that unfortunate love child’s life for us…

I actually think a robot/monkey hybrid would be a very lucky child in this day and age. People love robots; people love monkeys, so a combination of the two would be insanely popular. He would be the cool kid in class, the one who always got picked first when choosing teams and the first one to get laid. Later on, he would be the singer/songwriter/lead guitarist in a kickass insanely popular indie band that never loses its credibility despite outselling Ma

Shirtheads - featuring Simon Sherry

This week’s blockbuster, widescreen, now in technicolour edition of Shirtheads features – dun dun DUN – The Killbots

So grab some popcorn, turn off your mobiles, and get your feet off the seats! do you do that at home?! (Yes sir) as we say ‘howdy’ to Simon Sherry

( Lord of the Aussie comickers’ Pulp Faction group )

Explain the process of Killbots. Where did they come from and how do you make them?

The killbots series pretty much started as an experiment in Adobe Illustrator – I had stumbled on a couple of techniques in the process of working on some other pieces, and as is usually the case, I take that new discovery and get sidetracked!

To be a little more specific, I tend to approach each bot in as freeform a method as possible, just laying down shapes (and sometimes components from previ

Shirtheads - featuring Tambatoys

Tambatoys plays in the sandbox this week!…

I have ordered my own print of this tee to wear til it fades, or I rip it on something (I’m too lazy to avoid sharp objects) and I love it! for two reasons… 1. It celebrates a carnival/sideshow industry stalwart and b) because sometimes I feel like I too, am helpless against a higher power.

Whether it’s fate, or the claw, let me go, dammit!

The Claw

What is the attraction of the claw machine?

I will admit I was super in love with these arcade games when I was a kid, and I spent many hours and 20c coins trying to win myself toys. When I was 20 though I remember taking my 7 year-old cousin to the movies and there was a claw machine there she begged me for a $1 to play. I gently explained that they were rigged and a waste of money and time etc and sh

Shirtheads - featuring Johdie

Check your pinky fingers, folks, and let’s see how they stack up against the boundless talents of this week’s Shirthead, Johdie

This week featuring several different shirts actually within the strip,

but inspired by this one…

What does music mean to you?

Music and art go hand in hand for me, I can’t have one without the other. I get plenty of ideas from music. My art’s a bit mixed up.. my personality is a bit mixed up.. and my taste in music is all over the place. I’ve always disliked anything typical. When I was a kid my favourite song was Joy to the World from the Forest Gump soundtrack.. I just couldn’t get into the Spice Girls.

If you could live in any period of history, which would it be?

I like things from each recent decade. People didn’t whinge and kids weren’t spoilt rotten in

Shirtheads - featuring David J Cunning

So, there were two reasons for my featured choice this week……

One, because this man

runs what is essentially the Image Comics of Australia, Local Act Comics, and deserves as much international love as he already has from us Aussie comic artists, and

Two, because I wanted to have a go at drawing my own versions of what are some truly funky designs, The Lady and the Gimp


Where did the idea come from?

I was doing a cartooning course and one of the assignments was to create a picture using some elements provided by the tutor. One of these elements was a picture of a farm girl with an ogre on a leash who had a banjo strapped to his back. So I decided to flip the idea around a bit and go a bit bondagey on it.

Do you generally work quickly, or rework images over and over until they’re just

Shirtheads - featuring Paul McClintock

This week, folks, dust off your cerebellum, grab a spot by the roaring fire of your own hypothalamus, and open your mind to the universal language of… Rawr!

by Paul McClintock

Do you believe in monsters?

Monsters absolutely exist. Have you seen any of the crazy shit that lives at the bottom of the sea? Not just disgusting blobby things with a million eyes, but even cute stuff that you wish you’d invented like Kiwa hirsut, a weird crab thing with luscious blonde fur. Seriously, nature is awesome… so much better than Lord of the Rings.

Do designs come naturally to you? Do you scribble stuff down and everything’s gold, or do you rework and rework until you’re mad?

I can’t stand to see a blank piece of paper. It must be drawn on! I spend about 27 hours a day doodling or thinking about dood

Shirtheads - featuring Chris Richards

I am waiting for my very own copy of this week’s featured shirt to arrive in the mail. It is Angry Jellyfish

by Chris Richards

and it is my pleasure to step back this week to shine a spotlight here ……

First and foremost! Do you, yourself, have a short attention span?

Hmm… well, most who know me probably wouldn’t say so, but I’d say that I do! I don’t see it as a bad thing, though. I think that creative thinking results in sporadic thinking, or constant thinking and exercising of the mind… in peak circumstances, anyway. Not everyone may agree with me, I’m sure, but as far as I’m concerned if you aren’t working away 200% in the mind, then your creativity capacity has not been met. It’s not to say that great things can’t come out, but it’ll probably take longer. Again, personal opinion.

Why A

Shirtheads - featuring BigFatRobot

Howdy Bubblers!…

I’m pleased to announce the guinea pig has been put through his paces, and found to be healthy. So, here be the first ‘Official’ shirtheads strip, featuring BigFatRobot

- followed by a brief interview. Enjoy!

The shirt featured is Zombie Waitress. Why do you think zombies are so cool right now?

They’ve always been cool. Afterall, monsters that my gran can outrun are funnier than a clown drowning in an ocean of cream pies. However, we are now getting those uppity new zombies like the ones from “I Am Legend” – fast zombies with rudimentary smarts, like bogans rushing to the bar for Happy Hour priced Jim Beam and Cokes.
(For our non Oz chums reading, bogans are Australian rednecks.)

How much thought goes into your tshirts? Are you just doodling, and going ‘hey, neat!’ or is t

Shirtheads - a comic

Well, this was a little comic I was sort of informally asked to do, and I’m not sure if it’s ever going to take off, or what, but here’s the first one anyway.…

Basically, the premise is that the strip focuses on tshirt vendors, Abilene (or just Abi), and Matt, (yes, Mattman, he’s modeled after you, in recognition of my first buyer (that I know of) who run a stall at a local craft market called Shirtheads.

The idea was that I would seek out tshirt designs that I like, and feature them in the strip, and get a bit of background from the artist to go along with it, as well as post a link direct to the tee, etc.

If anyone would like to see more, let me know, and I’ll try to make it a semi-regular thing!

Keep bubbling over, folks!

Memory lane…

The Original Strip BigFatRobot Chris Richard

Never shop elsewhere again

I don’t get a lot of time to look around redbubble, I’m always working so much, but when I do, it just reaffirms the fact that I never have to step foot into a store again to buy a tshirt. I can get them all from here.…

I’m finding a lot of stuff that is in perfect alignment with my world view, appeals to my sense of humor, my sense of the ridiculous yet poignant. Gone is the try-hard cool factor of most of the tees I see in stores that make me, not only NOT want to buy them, but never set foot in that store again.

The tees here that I tend to like aren’t trying to appeal to everyone, but they’re sure as hell appealing to me.

I can’t wait til I get paid so I can go on my next redbubble shopping spree.

I only hope my avoidance of clothing stores from here on out, doesn’t put me in the posit

The meek shall inherit a favouriting

This is just a small note of thanks to everyone who finds the time to either comment, or click that simple little ‘favourite’ button.…

I’m not a salesman. I have a degree in advertising, sure, but that only served to help me detest the whole idea.

I just like to draw my silly little pictures, and my silly cartoons, that’s all. And I prefer to think of that as my advertising. That my work is good enough to speak for itself, for the most part, and when you all leave comments and the like, it means you have FOUND my work. You have stumbled across it, and it’s been enough for you to say ‘hey. Cool.’

No-one’s told you to like it, you just do all on your own. Which is awesome.

Working freelance from home, and just putting all this stuff out there… it’s handy to know I’m not just banging my head

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