Shirtheads - featuring Tambatoys

Tambatoys plays in the sandbox this week!

I have ordered my own print of this tee to wear til it fades, or I rip it on something (I’m too lazy to avoid sharp objects) and I love it! for two reasons… 1. It celebrates a carnival/sideshow industry stalwart and b) because sometimes I feel like I too, am helpless against a higher power.

Whether it’s fate, or the claw, let me go, dammit!

The Claw

What is the attraction of the claw machine?

I will admit I was super in love with these arcade games when I was a kid, and I spent many hours and 20c coins trying to win myself toys. When I was 20 though I remember taking my 7 year-old cousin to the movies and there was a claw machine there she begged me for a $1 to play. I gently explained that they were rigged and a waste of money and time etc and she looked so disheartened I felt too guilty of depriving her of that hope of winning something so I gave her a dollar and off she went for her one try. And can you believe it, she came back grinning from ear to ear with her stuffed toy. I had to restrain myself from jealously ripping it off her!

There is no doubting your style as instantly recognisable. Where does it come from?

I have always loved to draw and it’s really the only thing I ever did well in at school. I studied ceramics at art school because I thought it may be easier to make a living from than other artistic pursuits. I did ceramics for a while but my interest in illustration and painting never went away. I became inspired by modern Japanese art and I’m a huge fan of cartoons in general, so after I stopped doing ceramics a few years ago, I decided to concentrate on drawing.

What did you love playing with most as a kid? Why?

I was a mega fan of Lego and had dreams of being an architect but I also loved board games especially when they were interactive games like ‘Mouse trap’ or ‘Operation’. I was also a serious roller-skater and BMX gal.

What do you love playing with most as an adult? Why?

These days I love playing with paint, or my Mac and Photoshop, or my newest toy, a Wacom board which I am still getting the hang of, men can be quite fun too :)

What has been your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn?

When I was a kid I had a white tee with a glitter transfer of three trees which I loooved! I recently bought a tee by illustrator Jen Corace which I love and a couple of favs from RB are ’Robot with victim noir style’ by BigFatRobot and ‘Coffy rabbit’ by your fine self will be my next purchase!

You just had the perfect day. What did you get up to?

Ok, to me the perfect day involves breakfast at a café, a visit to the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) a stroll along the Sydney Harbour foreshore, a yummy lunch and bottle of wine in a great pub, a spot of shopping, and a gorgeous man to do it with, the day I mean, lol.

What scares you?

There are many, many things that scare me but recently I have decided to try and live with less fear, although dusk still makes me really anxious!

Is there anything you’ve ever found entirely hilarious that no-one else has?

Yes, me! I constantly crack myself up. Seriously, I laugh a lot of the time, usually at my own silliness.

Someone hands you a bunch of primary school kids and says ‘Entertain them. Seeya at five.’ What do you do?

Get the paints and brushes out and let their imaginations run wild. If that doesn’t work, panic and run away!

What are your minor and/or major goals right now?

My minor goals at the moment are to keep creating, get my art selling in more outlets, and have another solo painting exhibition, and just to appreciate and enjoy all the great people and things in my life. My major goal (dream) is to start my own kids tee label and own a print gallery that stocks affordable art.



And remember, folks, come back next week, for more t-shirty goodness.

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