Shirtheads - featuring David J Cunning

So, there were two reasons for my featured choice this week…

One, because this man

runs what is essentially the Image Comics of Australia, Local Act Comics, and deserves as much international love as he already has from us Aussie comic artists, and

Two, because I wanted to have a go at drawing my own versions of what are some truly funky designs, The Lady and the Gimp


Where did the idea come from?

I was doing a cartooning course and one of the assignments was to create a picture using some elements provided by the tutor. One of these elements was a picture of a farm girl with an ogre on a leash who had a banjo strapped to his back. So I decided to flip the idea around a bit and go a bit bondagey on it.

Do you generally work quickly, or rework images over and over until they’re just right? What’s your process?

I’m a scribbler. Scribble once. Ink once. Colour once. Then I don’t look at the work again for a long time. Once I finally look at it again it’s a review process, but I almost never re-do anything. I try to learn from my mistakes and evolve rather than trying to get every single picture perfect. I managed to work myself into a position where I have a lot of work on the go at any one time so I don’t give myself the luxury of reworking images.

For those who don’t know, what is Local Act Comics? What is its function? Its history?

Local Act Comics (LAC) is a comic publishing company that supports and represents artists from all over Australia. Originally started to print my own material, however the opportunity to help others out came up early and I haven’t looked back since. In under 2 years we’ve managed to publish more than any other Aussie comic publisher has in years. I’m pretty proud of everybody’s efforts and support to help LAC and each other.

Local Act Comics for those interested. :)

Why are comics important to our society? What do comics give us that nothing else can?

Social commentary, young kids getting into reading, a foundation for debate, a ripe source of ideas for hollywood, but above all its a chance for people like me to tell stories in a format that we enjoy ourselves. Its a craft and an art form, plus its a real blast. Comics let us explore ideas for any audience. They can be the silent film or the latest blockbuster. They can be poetry or bordering on the completely bizzare. Regardless of style, intention or quality, comics have the ability to hold their own value for each of us.

What did you want to be when you were five years old?

Comic book artist…No joke

What’s your favourite tshirt you’ve ever worn?

I used to have a bright yellow tee that had ‘Grandchildren are all of the fun and none of the work’ across the chest in red letters. Did I mention it was really tight? I used to be so much thinner :P

Is there anything you’ve found incredibly hilarious no-one else has?

I think the funniest thing in the world is people falling over. Its the best. As far as something that others might not find funny…A Clockwork Orange

What are you absolutely fanatical about these days? Like, crazy for?

Cheap 2 min noodles

If we caught you on a street corner with a sign, what might it say?

“I’ve gone 3 days without a coffee and now I can’t find my shoes. Wait…what day is it?” (Life is generally a blur for me)

Who (or what) would you like to put on a remote island and watch fight to the death?

2 star wars cos-players…jedi ones..any two…they’re all the same to me.

What are five things you hope to achieve in the next five years?

Take a week off
Learn how to play something decent on the guitar
Get through my 5 box sets of The Saint
Teach my child how to draw a cowboy
Did I say a week off?…Make it two

Can we call you Helldave yet? ;o)

Hell yes!

Thanks Dave! And tune in next sunday night/monday morning as we find out where my swinging spotlight of shirty doom lands next… :o)

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