Shirtheads - featuring Chris Richards

I am waiting for my very own copy of this week’s featured shirt to arrive in the mail. It is Angry Jellyfish

by Chris Richards

and it is my pleasure to step back this week to shine a spotlight here

First and foremost! Do you, yourself, have a short attention span?

Hmm… well, most who know me probably wouldn’t say so, but I’d say that I do! I don’t see it as a bad thing, though. I think that creative thinking results in sporadic thinking, or constant thinking and exercising of the mind… in peak circumstances, anyway. Not everyone may agree with me, I’m sure, but as far as I’m concerned if you aren’t working away 200% in the mind, then your creativity capacity has not been met. It’s not to say that great things can’t come out, but it’ll probably take longer. Again, personal opinion.

Why Angry Jellyfish?

In all honesty, it was a combination of a few things before the shirt made it to the final “Angry Jellyfish!” stage. At first I wanted something obscure and random, because obscure and random is often much more amusing than if I’d thrown a dog onto the shirt. The next thing I wanted was something that was not overly complicated to draw, as I am a photographer for a reason. So, once I came to the sudden conclusion that even a platypus was too difficult to draw, I looked for something even simpler. I ran through the animals I knew in my head, and when ‘jellyfish’ came up, nothing else seemed to be made up of simply squiggly lines and a semi-half-circle; simplicity rules all. Then it was just a matter of giving it some facial features, which they don’t have to begin with, so I thought making him angry in the process was the icing on the cake.

What is your favourite tshirt you’ve ever worn?

Well, I asked around and apparently had a nice shirt with three monkeys on it that would never come off me when I was three, but now, I really can’t say I’ve had a solid favourite shirt. Now, I am the youngest of three, so for a large part of my life anything that was brand new was always a treat, since older brother and, sigh… sister… hand-me-downs were only oh-so-fun and exciting. At the risk of sounding like a typical, cliche teenager, I’m into graphic tees and such, but nothing has come calling my name over anything else yet. I’m also a super warm person, so especially in the summer and even spring and fall, you’d have better luck finding me without a shirt on at all than with one, not that you all needed or wanted to know that ;)

Where do you find inspiration?

Oh, man. Inspiration? Everywhere… everything. I know I’m being featured here for my shirt, but if you really took a look at both me and other tshirt designers, its no secret that graphic design is second in line to my photography. Now, when it comes to my photos, a lot of what I like to shoot turns out to be the more small, obscure things, granted, they’re not portraits or street photography. I like turning the ordinary and unseen into something worth stopping to take a look at. The image in my folio Keyhole is actually on a chest we’ve had in our basement for years on end, and my entire family has noted how they’d’ve never stopped twice to look at it until they saw my photo. So, I guess it’s about finding the beauty in everything that’s around me, even if it’s not easy.

You’re a young’un (17, folks) and already displaying some strong talent. So imagine you’re 40 and looking back over your life –– what are your highlights?

Hmm, highlights, eh? Well, in all honesty I see a family in there at some point, but I’m slightly a softie like that… you’ll notice it too in my bio about what fits well in the palm of my hands. But I’d also like to have traveled more or less across the world and back again since there’s so much to see out there. Career wise, a successful freelance/commission business wouldn’t hurt, especially if it’s to National Geographic or some fine photographic establishment that just so happens to pay me to run out to amazing beautiful places to do what I love. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’d also like to make some kind of discovery, although I’ll let that slide past the 40 year mark if I have to. You know, shipwrecks and lost cities and the likes as little side adventures and photo ops on my main journeys. I talk a lot…

Is there anything you’ve ever found vastly amusing that nobody else has?

Plain and simple. While playing some video games one giddy night early in the morning, I looked down and, to my astonishment, I had feet. Yes, I found that extremely amusing. Why? I have no clue. Have they entertained me since? Not at all… but for 30 seconds, it was magical….

…so, who’s going to stop reading this/NOT take an interest in my work because of that? ;)

If you had the chance to put something in a time capsule to be opened in 100 years, what would you put in there?

Frankly I’d like to leave some kind of mass storage of photos however I could, whether electronically or… I dunno, but there’d be a lot. Even looking back at photos of my parents, or grandparents, it looks like such a different time, almost unrealistic, yet the photos are proof. I also think photographs can communicate much more than what meets the eye (again, my bio.. Atwood quote) and, yea… I dunno. I guess ultimately everyone’s greatest fear that comes along with dying is how they’ll be remembered, or what sort of impact they made on the world. If my impact was revealing my world to an entirely different world, than I think I’d have done something amazing and significant.

What awaits you in Europe? What are you looking for there?

It’s actually nothing overly exciting, I hate to say. It’s a trip planned through the school, buuut I will be able to run around with all of my friends there for 18 days. We’re visiting 16 different cities in France and Italy, so it should be nice, and my apologies to all those in the UK for not stopping by =( For the greatest part, I love traveling and seeing the world – or, I think I will. I’ve always had the itch, and have traveled around parts of Canada on my own, but I want to get out of here and explore someplace new. I know it’s not backpacking, but I think it’ll be a nice crash course on the two countries for later adventures; for now, I have no problem having my stops planned, meals ready, and sights set to see. What do I want to see there? Everything, and I plan on getting as close to that point as I can, so be prepared for super photo uploadage when I get backl =)

Aaand cut!

Caanan here again, I also recommend Think but, head on over, check it all out … And bubble on over next Sunday night/monday morning for a new Shirtheads!


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