Shirtheads - a comic

Well, this was a little comic I was sort of informally asked to do, and I’m not sure if it’s ever going to take off, or what, but here’s the first one anyway.

Basically, the premise is that the strip focuses on tshirt vendors, Abilene (or just Abi), and Matt, (yes, Mattman, he’s modeled after you, in recognition of my first buyer (that I know of) who run a stall at a local craft market called Shirtheads.

The idea was that I would seek out tshirt designs that I like, and feature them in the strip, and get a bit of background from the artist to go along with it, as well as post a link direct to the tee, etc.

If anyone would like to see more, let me know, and I’ll try to make it a semi-regular thing!

Keep bubbling over, folks!

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