The meek shall inherit a favouriting

This is just a small note of thanks to everyone who finds the time to either comment, or click that simple little ‘favourite’ button.

I’m not a salesman. I have a degree in advertising, sure, but that only served to help me detest the whole idea.

I just like to draw my silly little pictures, and my silly cartoons, that’s all. And I prefer to think of that as my advertising. That my work is good enough to speak for itself, for the most part, and when you all leave comments and the like, it means you have FOUND my work. You have stumbled across it, and it’s been enough for you to say ‘hey. Cool.’

No-one’s told you to like it, you just do all on your own. Which is awesome.

Working freelance from home, and just putting all this stuff out there… it’s handy to know I’m not just banging my head against a wall (metaphorically) and existing in a vacuum. Thanks again!

Back to the silly pictures…

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