Shirtheads - featuring Luckyvegetable

Zombies love brains. Let’s flip open the head of Luckyvegetable
and find ourselves a truly entertaining feed.

This shirt

tickled my funny bone in particular,
with a very obvious joke. ;o)

What would make a better date and why? A zombie, vampire, werewolf or Frankenstein’s monster?

Hmm…I’m thinking that sounds like the start of a great party already! I suppose I should stick to my theory that zombies would make the best lovers..well, the most persistent anyway. All that romantic mindless groaning teamed with the unstoppable undead shuffle….quite a combo, really. Of course, I have been known to keep company with at least one wolf, and I’m told by recent bestselling pop literature that vampires are really really ridiculously good-looking, so maybe I should keep my options open…

Where’s the magic?

With the unicorns, I assume. I can’t be sure though, as only virgins can get close enough to check. Ahem.

If a picture tells a thousand words, what are your pictures telling us?

Mostly? They’re pieces of my already scatterbrained imagination. Randomness personified. Which kind of gives you an idea as to how difficult a job my careers advisor at school had. He ended up giving me the choice of either prison warden, or clown. I kid you not. Obviously this man was paid the big bucks for his keen insight.

What’s the best about the bubble?

I’m going to go with cheesy, and say that I found people to love here, in a real grown-up, family kind of way. And it’s helped me understand that I won’t be laughed out of the room (metaphorically) when I put up my work.

What’s your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn?

When I was a kid, I had this shirt with a picture from Disney’s Cinderella on it, only it really was like a still from the film, rather than a design, and it showed the little cowering mouse with the floppy hat holding a piece of cheese bigger than his head. Looking on (and about to eat him) was the evil looking cat. It was such a macabre thing to put on a 4 year old’s shirt, it makes me wonder what the designer was thinking-or smoking- when it was deemed appropriate. I remember the back of the shirt was lemon yellow, and I wore it with ‘matching’ yellow shorts with an arty paint splotch pattern on them, yellow knee high socks, and my trademark rainbow stripy sandals. I was obviously a fashion genius, even then. Pfffft…

Who do you suspect is secretly an alien?

I suspect most politicians are aliens, if only because most of them lack sufficient eyebrow control, and this makes me suspicious. Also they have holes in their theories (and in some cases, their grammar) which makes it plausible that they’re merely stretching for time till the mother ship arrives. Let’s hope there’s at least one chocolate loving E.T. type among them.

What are your opening and closing thoughts every (or most) days?

It used to be fluffy things like “what are rainbows made of” but lately it’s just the generic “and why do/did I have to go to work?”

Apart from that though, I manage to keep my brain at least partially insane for the majority of my awake time. It tends to scare the normals, but it keeps it real. Boo-yah.

What makes you warm and fuzzy inside (If anything)?

When I eat a woolly mammoth? Because it’s woolly? And really big?

Where do you find inspiration the most?

It’s kinda like freaky lightening, although I have always likened my creative brain to a giant soup pot in which things bubble until they’re ready to be presented to the rest of the species. I think it’s when they float to the top. Yeah, so, it’s like cooking gnocci, only, those are my ideas. Man.

What did you want to be when you were 6 years old? (And did you eat your vegetables? ;o)

I wanted to be a pirate king. I told my kindergarten teacher and got in trouble when she told me I couldn’t because only boys could be kings, and I told her where to go. Yar.

Oh, and of course I didn’t eat my vegetables. My Mother used to boil them grey. What do you take me for?

Vegetables rot your brain. Best to leave them be. ;oP

And on another note, the never lazing, always amazing Thickblackoutline was one of the few Shirthead victims who took up my offer of purchasing the original art… And she got it framed! Yay! Jen is great.

Here it is. It looks AWESOME :oD

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