Shirtheads - featuring ... caanan?

Monstar: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all other anthropomorphic personifications, my name is Monstar and this is my friend Bunnee
from the hit webcomic aptly titled Monstar
Bunnee: I don’t know if you could describe it as a “hit” webcomic. Unless you’re referring to the one hit we get each day from my mum?
Monstar: Anyhoo…we’re here today because Caanan has injured his back and Shirtheads will be out of action for the next few weeks. So we took it
upon ourselves to step into the breach (of copyright) and take over the Shirtheads strip this week.
Bunnee: How did he injure his back? Did a Predator rip out his spine or did he throw it out “on the job” (wink, wink)?
Monstar: You can ask him yourself, because he’s our very special guest interviewee today. Ladies and gentleman a round of applause for Caanan Grall…

Monstar: We all know that “Celadore” has been described as the most beautiful word in the English language by the guy who wrote “Lord of the Rings”…
Bunnee: You mean, Peter Jackson?
Monstar: Of course! So Caanan, what’s you’re favourite word and why?
Bunnee: Mine’s kumquat…it sounds like a swear and tastes great!!

I like cool. Buzz words will come and go – neat-o, grouse, gnarly, whatever… but cool will always be cool. No-one knows why, and in that, is the essence of cool – it can’t be defined.

Now random, that’s a word I hate. Thankfully, it is starting to fade as the word of the day but really – is anything random? When someone creates a comic with two spaceguys and a pet alien hamster with a fetish for leather – well, SOMEone came up with that. Don’t just go ‘Oh, that’s so random.’ It’s not. It’s the OPPOSITE of random.

I also enjoy squishy, bubble and pants. And anything that rhymes with monkey.

Monstar: If you had to be a monster for the rest of your life, would you be a Vampire, Zombie or Werewolf?
Bunnee: What about a vampiric were-zombie?

It’d have to be a werewolf. Totally. I mean, for only one night a month you’re a raging beast and the rest of the time you’re normal. Some women have it harder than that.

Bunnee: It’s my turn to answer a question, Tony Barber! Okay, Khan…
Monstar: It’s “Caanan” not Khan…
Bunnee: That’s what I said. Now, Cannon…
Monstar: CAANAN!
Bunnee: Whatever…so imagine this scenario….you’re trapped on a desert island (or perhaps even the Lost island) with William Shatner, Jesus Christ and William H. Macy….who would you eat first and why?

Well, if I was on the Lost island, I’d eat Hurley – the taste is in the fat of the animal anyway. But if it had to be of those three, I’m gonna have to say William Shatner. Because Christ is too skinny (and possibly not even real), and William H Macy was in Pleasantville, one of my favourite movies ever, which makes him cool. (See? That word again!)

Monstar: And now for something a little more hard hitting…what level of carbon emissions do you think Australia should be trying to implement by 2025?
Bunnee: Stop trying to act like an intellectual Monstar…you’re just trying to show off to all those “greenie hippies” that post their Save the World t-shirts on this site. You know who you are
cough Yanmos cough

I’m a little behind on what Oz’s emissions are at the moment, having been away for quite some time now, but… I think they should aim for zero. Aim high and land somewhere in the middle is always the way to go. That’s why you aim for the triple 20 square on a dartboard. If you’re lucky, you’ll still get the bullseye.

Bunnee: Ooooh, I’ve got a question! I’ve got a question!
Monstar: Well ask it already!
Bunnee: So what’s your drawing process? How do you draw so well…did you sell your soul at some crossroad at midnight or what?
Monstar: I think what my little buddy means is what are your tools of the trade for drawing Shirtheads and how long does each strip take from start to finish?

Well, for Shirtheads I use those awesome Canson comic strip boards they’ve just come out with. It’s not great paper, and ruins my pens, but they come pre-cut to the right size, with non-repro blue grid lines around the edges for marking out panels and lettering. They’re really handy. But the paper… Argh! The paper… Sigh.

Anyway. Then I scan them in and colour them in Photoshop. I’m red/green/brown blue/purple pink/grey/whatever else colourblind like a lot of guys, so I’m trying to learn colour as a science. It will never be instinctual for me unfortunately. And then, if I’m running low on time (which is usually) I steal the backgrounds from previous strips. :oD

Sometimes the hardest part of Shirtheads is the idea generation. I spend a long time looking through shirts that inspire an idea in me immediately. It can take a while, especially since that part is the most wavering. If I’m not in the mood, I’m never gonna come up with something funny. Not even if I wear a silly hat whilst thinking about it.

I also don’t do roughs. Sometimes that means I end up with crappy looking strips that could have used a re-do, but then other times I’m in the zone, and it just falls out where it’s all meant to. I love those days.

Monstar: Final question. If you could punch one person in the face without any legal repercussions, who would it be and why?
Bunnee: Just one person…man, that’s a hard question. Could I maybe line up four or five people and punch the first one and get a “coconut” head cracking conga line effect?
Monstar: sigh

I’m really not a violent person, so even if we gathered a whole bunch of evil doers to get their heads punched in – you know, Bush, advertising executives, rappers who love to talk about slappin’ their bitches like it’s completely ok, etc. I’d still get someone else to chop their heads off and feed them to raccoons.

I’m really not a violent person.

And I’d like to say thanks to Jacen! He’s here on the bubble as Monstar of course, so go check him out!

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