Shirtheads - featuring bahgoesthesheep

It’s bahgoesthesheep

Yes, sheep do go bah, but…
turns out they also have LOTS more to say…

And who could resist the cool cool allure of doing a comic strip about a zombie stuffed bunny army? In fact, I could have done quite a few. Maybe a whole 24 page book. :o) If Jocelyn’s happy with it, I may post another one of my ideas but as a tshirt somewhere down the line if I can find the time.

Anyway, I’ve bleated enough. Here’s the real deal.

How does one overcome an attack from a zombie stuffed bunny army?

Lock and LOAD!! Maybe hope like hell you’re not one of the poor suckas that die, or turn into a zombie thing. Or just develop crazy zombie fighting prowess(xD). Honestly though, everyone would probably die. or want to. Zombie bunnies no joke, super fast super vicious, and one bite turns you into a deformed flesh lovin bunny!

Why are zombies so cool?

hahhah thats a good question, i don’t really know why humans like zombies. But i fancy them because, the whole concept is totallly crazy! dead walking flesh eating monster humans. Gore to the max. Or maybe i just secretly want to feast on human flesh.

crazy…. yes. crazy cool…hell yes.

Can you give us some explanation of your creative process? From idea to finished design?

At anyone times i’m at least working on 3 diff designs, so my creative process is quite jumbled. I really don’t have one set way to channel creativeness, mostly i just going with the flow.

Doodling, thats always a where i start. alot of my designs start off as doodles on things that i probably shouldn’t be doodling on, but you never know when inspiration will strike, so whatever :).

Other doodle times are brainstorming days, when i have these days i normally come up with hmmm anywhere from 10 to 20 new design concepts/whatever concepts. but i only use the best ones…..probably gets cut to 3-4-5…. throw all the other ones into later folder, saved for an art block time.

then its just scanned in illustrator/photoshop colored vectored, blah blah, sometimes i do traditional/digital mixed. T’s always perfected in illustrator, one of those designs may change several times once i get down and funky in illustrator. hahah and then to redbubble c:

What super power would you want most, and how would you use it?

hhmmmm flight i think, i just like the idea of zipping around in the clouds, pulling elaborate pranks, generally reeking havoc whenever possible. xD the possibilities are endless. I would probably poop on a bird too, for fun. hahah i would sooo mess with pilots and stuff, airplanes, helicopters, anything that flys. Maybe even snatch a kite or too. i just want to see how other people react to a flying human x3

What’s your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn?

hmm i don’t think i’ve ever had a favourite shirt……hmmmm maybe probably my Smoking kills shirt. I love it so much cuz i smoke, and i like to be funny xD.

Who are your heroes? Why?

Wonder woman? maybe Batman? ActualIy try not to have heroes, because no such infalliable entities exsist. A little harsh maybe,but no one can help you like yourself.

What kind of art do you like?

i like all kinds of art, theres no real one style or one artist in particular that i would say is my favorite. I am inspired by art of all kinds, and sometimes (of course) try to take certain elements from pieces i am inspired by (or just fancy), and apply them to my own creations. Sadly specific artist blahblah i am unable to give you :( i don’t really have much to babble on about this subject, i hope that doesn’t make me dumb.

If you could go back to visit your 12 year old self, what would you tell her and why?

holy hell you’re in for a bumpy ride! just don’t take yourself to seriously, don’t talk too much and never talk to jenna neckonchuk!! xD But seriously now, i don’t think i would tell her a thing, i like the way im turning out and i wouldn’t want to change a thing.

What are some things you’ve never said out loud before but constantly think? You can share with us now. It’s ok. No-one reads these… :oP

I READ THIS!, i do i love shirtheads, woot woot! ummmmmmmmm
wow thats bad
what the hell is my dog doing
i looove the way candles smell, sooo much, well good candles. i could sniff around a candle store all day :D. Nothing makes me happier
i evesdrop to alot, more than i should. Its not really my fault though, people just be happen to be talking about fun stuff then i walk by :D
why in the hell do i do this
i procrastinate sooo much, im suprised i even got this jazz done on time.
i enjoy knitting maybe a little too much
what would an airplane pilot do if he/she saw a flying human?
i do not give a shit about grammer, can’t help it. ya typography is one thing….internet shiz another xD sry i know all you grammer stickers are gonna hate me but just know i don’t hate you. ;)

Ultimate fantasy?

hmmmmmmmm i want to be the asshole in a zombie movie that hufffs and puffs and then turns into a zombie, or you know theres always that person in the movie who is killed off into a zombie pretty quick normally comes back maybe kills a couple of the characters piss some people off, maybe killed.

basically what im saying is, i wanna be a zombie xD

Thanks Jocelyn! I’m glad you got this jazz done on time

See ya next week folks.


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