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Let’s get funky this week with

and some Jello Cups

Mm. Tasty. :o)

Are these in fact jello cups, or was it a pattern first that you named after the fact? What inspires your designs? Is it random discovery or do you set yourself goals?

I was born in the late 70’s so by the time I was old enough to realise what was going on we had hit the 80’s, the era of bad hair and fluorescent socks (oh and don’t think it looks good now kids just cause its being re-hashed)… It never sat well with me. Bell bottoms, short skirts, peace, love and mung beans kept calling me back to the 70’s where the patterns were big and lairy and the polyester revolution was born. I love the fashion, the music, the energy of that time, so when I go to design a pattern, inevitably I get lulled back to those over the top styles and especially the colours. That is where my main inspiration comes from. As for the name Jello cups, well when that pattern evolved on screen, that is what popped into my head… I usually enjoy naming them all after creation, and it is part of the fun… I try and make sure the name reflects my inspirations for example Bond Lounge and Setting Sail on the Seas of Retropolis

What have been some patterns you’ve noticed over your lifetime?

Ooooh many patterns occur throughout life, like the pattern of being eternally broke, or the pattern of idiocy that keeps bringing shows like Big Brother and Today Tonight on to the telly… Or what about the pattern of apathy that stops us from moving forward in trying to undo some of the wrongs that we have committed towards the environment and humanity… I should stop there, I am getting all excited.

How did you find the bubble? What made you stick around and get active?

I was surfing the web one day and I can’t remember exactly which site I was on, but an advert popped up, or was there, about this new site launching in the near future for artists called RedBubble and all you had to do was promise them your first born son – no actually it was just my email address to be notified of when the site was up and running… So I received an email telling me RedBubble was live and I signed up. I think it was the first day. I stuck around because I was really excited by Peter’s vision and thought it was an absolutely marvellous idea for artists to be able to peddle their wares, and help to get a name for themselves. When I signed up I think there were like 15 people and I was immediately sucked in by “Paul Vanzellas”: beautiful photography. His urban landscapes blew my mind. I know its cliché but it is so true. He and so many other people on this site are such an inspiration… like Sparklehen who you will all be so familiar with by now, Natalie Perkins who creates the most gorgeous curvy women integrated with heavenly patterns and wonderful paisleys, the best you will EVER see. “Juilee Pryor”: who has a way with a camera and film unlike any other (like a camera whisperer or something) and Chelsgus who is an amazing painter and she uses the most delicious pallets around. Why would I go anywhere else?? P.S. there are so many more I wish I could fit you all in.

What’s your favouritest t-shirt you’ve ever worn?

Haha Favouritest is the best word ever by the way =) …. Ummm it is now a toss-up between this one, this one and “this one”: that made my partner and I laugh so hard and for so long, I just had to get it! And everyone here loves gratuitous RedBubble advertising right?! …It is actually true, I was not much of a t-shirt wearer before this lil’ community started up, and there are so many more that I want to get… For example this one is next on the list =P

What did you want to be when you were 5 years old? Why?

I don’t know, 6 years old… But from about 8 on I was addicted to drawing. I used to copy the characters out of Archie comics. So for as long as I do remember I wanted to be something creative, but that changed as I grew from being just an “artist” to a photographer, then to a film director. I didn’t end up being a world famous film director but I am pretty happy I have pursued my passion for photography and drawing, just now I draw on a computer instead.
What are the most inspiring things you’ve seen/heard of this year thus far?

I find inspiration all the time from many people and situations, but I would have to say the MOST inspiring thing I have heard/seen this year hands down is Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Native people of Australia. I think that a collective exhalation of breath happened on 13 Feb. It was a very long time coming and it really made me feel excited about living in Australia again, it seems that I did not feel comfortable here under the rule of the short man with big eyebrows.

How’s the next ten years looking?

Busy, Busy, Busy! I really wonder what I used to do with my time before I had a child… I plan on finishing my degree – FINALLY and hopefully getting my design business really up and running. It only plods along at the moment (through choice) I have a few little plans up my sleeve on how to make some extra cash through being creative as well, but I am not giving all my secrets away…* Note see question 9 =)

How could a sunny Sunday afternoon become the most awesome sunny Sunday afternoon ever?

Ooooh a live band or ten somewhere outside with all my friends sitting back enjoying the sunshine, the music and the company… Oh and there should be loads of yummy food and nice wine included with that scenario.

Or Jesus, Moses, Mohamud, Hubbard, Bealzebub, Shiva/Visnuet al, Krisna and etc …. all together in a jello ring battling it out for world supremacy and domination. My money is on Buddha, he could give some major belly bumps with that gut!

Can you invent something for us the world might need?

I actually already have but I really can’t tell cause then someone might steal the idea. Sorry!

Got heroes?

Yeah! The whole first and second series…. I can’t wait till series 3 starts. =P

Me either. Me either… :oP

Thanks Jemima! As always, tune in next week folks for more shirty goodness!

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And on a related note. It was GREAT to meet a couple of fellow bubblers this weekend in Sydney. So, Rhys and Matt. Cheers! You guys rock. ;o)

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