Shirtheads - featuring sparklehen

A picture tells a thousand words
as do these tshirts

by sparklehen

Open yourselves to a little illumination this week, as we gather some more thoughts from sparklehen – take it away ‘Sparky’! ;o)

Any first date experiences you can share with us? Disastrous or no?

When I first started dating I seemed to be asked out by “bad boys ” which some girls might be attracted to, but I was really a goodie two shoes…..
Wait a minute, I think I might be getting mixed up with the storyline from Grease! No, I really can’t think of any disastrous first dates, but my mind would wander (really badly!) if the conversation wasn’t going well or they didn’t make me laugh. Hence this series, but I wanted Jane and Keith to actually like each other. It would have been a cheap shot for Jane to be nasty about Keith (Or maybe I’m subliminaly trying to correct my past!) I just have to state that my first date with my husband was obviously very successful and there was no mind wandering going on what so ever!

What are some everyday random thoughts you’ve never vocalised before but can share with us now?

Hmmm, I suppose swearing, I love swearing in my head. Oh yes, I can say what I like to whom I like. You see I have two pre-school aged boys, I have to watch what I say now.

Thing is I didn’t swear very much before having children. I think it’s when you are forbidden to do something the temptation becomes greater!

Who do you think should be put into a locked room together and not let out until they’re the best of friends?

I could easily say certain political leaders for obvious reasons.

Instead I’m going to say my head and my guts (ok I know that’s a what not a who, please bare with me) But they are in conflict an awful lot, and I’m fed up with being indecisive. We all know to go with your “gut feeling” but to be honest I sometimes don’t know which is which. I’m becoming a ditherer. Any advice on how to tune in on my digestive tract is welcome!

What’s your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn?

This is a tough question, because you’re asking me to choose and you have all just found out how bad I am at making decisions!

(10 minutes later)

Ok I’m back. Based on the number of times they have been washed. My favouritest tee is Dendoo’s So Not Sophisticated however, I’m due to buy another RB Tee so I’m afraid that will be my next new best tee.

What do you remember most from your childhood? Why?

I was watching a programme about diets through the different ages and last night’s one was about the 1970’s. I was born in 1974 so I do remember some of it.

It’s hard to pin it down to one thing, as your childhood is made up of so many things good and bad. Sweeties (Lollies or Candy) being one of them.
There seemed to be a lot of fizzy stuff around like sherbet dabs, flying saucers refreshers and wham bars. Sorry to be uncouth, but I could empty a room eating all that stuff. All those chemicals must have really upset my insides something awful!

What are the most important lessons children need to learn ASAP?

As a mother this is something I ask myself a lot, and of course the answer changes a lot. We need to teach our children to be positive, and approach life and all its challenges with a positive outlook.

All I see in the media is doom and gloom and I sometimes despair and wonder what kind of world I have brought my children into. However this is not helpful or constructive to think this way, so a more positive attitude has to be adopted or what’s the point in going on?

Each generation has had to face adversity in one form or another, obviously some worse (a lot worse) than others, but we are still here!

If you were Prime Minister for a day, what new law would you create and how would it be enforced?

I would ban all celebrity gossip magazines. I know it would be an unpopular law.

I have found myself, on occasion, reading them and getting sucked in. When I have finished I feel absolutely filthy, and promise never to indulge or encourage this dirty and evil pastime again, until the next time! So they would all be taken off the shelves and Doctors waiting rooms tables, easy!

What would you like to happen every day for the rest of your life?

I want to be able to laugh everyday for the rest of my life, even on my death bed. See the humour in everything! Because laughing (I’m talking about a hearty belly laugh that leaves your sides and jaw aching) is so much better than moaning and it means you’re fearless!

What are some inspirational things you’ve seen in ‘08 thus far?

Well it’s more like inspirational people. I’ve come across a few this year.
My sons are my biggest inspiration, their innocence, the way they ask questions all the time and the way they use their imaginations are wonderful!

This year I have come across some, actually many, amazing artists.

Karin Taylor her joyful, colourful and energetic characters always make me feel happy.

Jemimalovesbigted and talianadesign create the most funky and sunny retro patterns.

Not forgetting purelydecorative who does the most beautiful vintage inspired collages.

How did you find the Bubble? What made you stick around?

It was purely by accident, just browsing really, and I thought that I would give it a try. I never thought for one minute people would be interested let alone buy my t-shirts.

I’ve stuck around because of the above mentioned artists (of course they are but a few who are inspirational and wonderful) You can easily spend hours being awe inspired; This is a fantastic place to be!

I would like to thank everyone who has looked at my work and thought it was worth commenting on, favouriting and buying. But not forgetting Caanan for his fantastic creations, I’m honoured!

And thank YOU, Sparky!

Memory lane…

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On a side note, I will be in Sydney this weekend, and was hoping to have a big group catch up with any Sydney-side readers but I don’t know anything about the place. If anyone knows of a great cafe or pub – where it’s quiet enough to talk, and clean enough to maybe break out the pencils and have a little fun, can you bubblemail me with some suggestions, and I’ll post a more formal call to action in the next couple of days. (Oh, and preferably close in the city, as I will probably be staying at some cheap centrally located hostel).

Cheerio! Bubblemail me, Sydneysiders! Do it. Do it now…

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