Shirtheads - featuring Jaywalker

Hi folks! Shirtheads is back in business this week,
dragging Jaywalker along in its wake.

I’ve often thought life might be more interesting if people broke out into spontaneous song and dance all willy-nilly, so this tee appealed to me pretty strongly. :o)

So, pull up a patch of concrete and get comfy, as we give our undivided attention to the fancy-dancin’ Jaywalker.

So can you, in fact, break dance? Or used to? Want to? Why is it so cool?

I can only break dance in online interviews now. I used to do it in public, but I couldn’t abide the constant requests from fans. You know, the usual:

“Please don’t block our store front.”
“Someone get help! He’s bleeding!”
“Timmy, Sarah – look away.”

But seriously, I am somewhat enamored with hip-hop culture. REAL hip-hop culture, that is. None of this childish peacocking, random woman bashing, and conformist money-grabbing that’s rampant now. Turntablism, beatboxing, freestyling, break dancing, and the whole nine. That stuff, the real talent, blows my mind.

Online, though, I am actually still quite the prolific breakdancer. Ask me to do something. Anything.

Can I get a caramel ninja snakebite?

Just did it. It loses some of its effect when you can’t see it, I guess.

How did you find the Bubble? What made you stick around and take to the Tshirting?

My girlfriend [now fiancé] actually brought it to my attention. She spotted it in an article she was reading in a magazine called “RADIANT”. At the time, I had done very little design work at all [the odd design for family reunions, posters for failing 4H clubs] so she thought it would be a great place for me to stretch my legs. Foolish woman. I feel bad for her now, because she most definitely became a RedBubble widow shortly thereafter. My first designs went mostly unnoticed, but she was still so supportive and would always tell me that my designs were amazing, and that everyone else was just a dummy pants. Then she would rub my belly and give me E.L. Fudge cookies. Is anyone else suddenly hungry?

I stayed because I had never considered the amazing canvas of the T-shirt, or the tremendous market for unique non-branded art-clothing. It amazed me some of the things I was seeing from designers like RubyRed, Yanmos, and Ross Robinson. And they really embraced me and welcomed me. I would send them a weekly digest in their BubbleMail outlining my shortcomings as a designer, and asking them to explain in detail how they achieved every miniscule detail of their design style. They could not have been more obliging. Roger [RubyRed] did send a horse head to my house once, but I think it was an accident, probably. I’ve since run into dozens more inspiring designers here [Simon Sherry, PixelProtest, Frank Stillitano, Plastica Tees, etc.].

What’s your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn?

Ha. Well, I’m new to the sweet T-shirt game, but I think I remember wearing a Chicago Bulls tee into the ground when I was in 3rd grade or so. It was horrendous. It had huge a graphic of Michael Jordan, Toni Kukoc, and Scottie Pippen on the front, along with this great obnoxious text that read: “TRIPLE THREAT”. I think the triple threat was that shirt, my amazing tri-colored shorts with a red lightning pattern, and my Reebok Pumps.

What are the awesomest things you’ve seen so far this year?

Unfortunately, gas being over $4 has to be on my list. Awesome in the Biblical sense, I guess. I said I’d never be the type to discuss gas prices; I’d never be that lame and grown-up. But doggone it if they didn’t force my hand! Also, I saw a YouTube video in which two girls danced to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger with corresponding words written on their limbs. It’s a must see if you’ve missed it. I also saw a war documentary recently on PBS, I think. It was based on some hand-drawn illustrations from this great young art student, and included voice narration. It was just, “Wow.” I recently found out that, in Africa, there’s a frog called the “Goliath Frog” that is roughly the size of a Beagle. So now I’m down to 5 continents I’d love to visit.

Who would produce the soundtrack to your life, and what would some of the song titles be?

The album would be produced by Chris Martin and Lauryn Hill. The band would be The War, and the singer would be Jonny Lang. Black Thought from the Roots would guest star on 5 tracks. The album would be entitled “In Defense of My Generation”.

Tracks would include:

“God Believes in Atheists”, “A Foot in the Door”, and the single “Older Than I Thought”. No explanation necessary, I’m sure.

Who are your heroes? Why?

My heroes are those people that give us all something to love about life. We all hit the grind 5 days a week, and we hope for that one thing that will make it worthwhile. Maybe it’s a great book, or a song or film. Maybe it’s some foundation doing ridiculously amazing things for the homeless or the abused. These people who do the amazing stuff while everyone else has to meet their weekly quota . . . they really inspire me, and help me keep moving forward when things get rough.

Also, Dave Chappelle. Obviously.

The most fun I ever had was when…

I took a mission trip to Alaska, I think. A group of about 12 of us from the University of Georgia went into low-income villages and just hung out and tried to help a few families. The people on the trip were amazing, and the people in the village opened up to us immediately. I “hiked” for the first time, too. For those who envision a hike as a leisurely stroll through the woods, stopping to wave hello to bunnies and pick wildflowers, I implore you. Do your research first! When my friend offered to take me on a hike, I thought it would be a great way to take in the environ. However, when we got to the start point, I was looking around, perplexed. “I don’t see a trail. All I see is this frigging huge mountain.” Yeah, it was sort of a VERTICAL hike, it turned out. We seemed to be climbing rocks for days. But the view from the top was definitely a sight to behold. I mean, a photo would have done fine, I’m sure. That whole trip was great fun, though. Bytheway, Moose are HUGE. They’re like skinny elephants.

What do children need to be taught the most?

My fiance’ has a 6-year-old, and I have had the honor and privilege of being her practice adult. In my limited experience, I think the most important thing I’ve tried to help her grasp is that she can control much of her reality. Not everything is set in stone.

Perfect example.

This kid loves art. She steal my camera at every opportunity, loves painting, sculpting, everything like this. So I was drawing her a picture the other day to color. She sat and watched attentively, as I took hold of the orange crayon and began to draw a road.

“What’s that?”
“A road, genius-brain.” [She loves being called this]
“Why isn’t it black? It’s thupposed to be black.”
“Well, since it’s our picture, it can be whatever color we want it to be.”
“Oh. Well, I want it to be bla . .”
“ANY color we want. Purple, green, gold . . . we use our imagination.”

Then I drew the sun, a simple semicircle peeking over the horizon.

“There. Done.”
“What’s that?”
“The sun.”
“Where are the lines? I always draw the thun with lines coming out.”
“That’s because you’ve always seen it that way in pictures, but you can draw it however you want. The sun doesn’t really have lines coming out of it.”
“I like it with lin . .”
“Circles or squiggles or even nothing at all, see?”
“Okay. But I always draw it with lines.”

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?!

What did you want to be when you were 6? Why?

I had no doubt in my mind that I would be a basketball player. I worshipped Magic Johnson. I had his instructional tape, “Put Magic In Your Game”. I practiced night and day. Over the next 11 years, I grew 4 inches. So now I play piano and do drawings.

The next five years hold…?

Wow. Well, the next two weeks hold a marriage, an “adopted” daughter, a new apartment, and possibly a new job. Five years might be a bit much to bite off at the moment! But I would love to be a designer, a musician, and a great Dad . . . one of those Dads that can make his wife and kids laugh at will, but still knows when to say when. I think I want to be Theo Huxtable. I’d love to learn to play the drums and the bass, amass a larger rock collection than my fiance’s daughter, seriously help some people who really need it, and write the great American novel. I’d love to have a son, and spend lots of weekends with the fam at the lake or the beach. I’d love to win the Threadless competition; personally thank Robin Williams for making ‘Dead Poets Society’; shake Bill Watterson’s hand; make a life-changing indie film . . .

Thanks Jermaine! :oD

And don’t forget to come back next week folks, as Shirtheads stays on track. I hope.

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