Shirtheads - featuring Chris Wahl

Eerily enough, I think this is the look most people get when I send them their Shirthead questions.

Chris Wahl is another one of those unstoppable bubblers who had a lot of funky tshirts to choose from

but it was Paper Rock Scissors

that ended up inspiring in me yet another simple, (and kinda nasty) gag. Think of it as a no-budget Curiosity Show. :oP


What do you think are the decisions people use this game most for? What should be solved using Rock Paper Scissors?

Usually, I think it’s used to decide who gets the short end of the straw. Like who’s gonna do the dishes, or who’s gonna climb the fence to retrieve the ball from Old Man Cooper’s haunted mansion, things like that.
Soccer matches should definitely use them on 0-0 draws. Definitely makes more sense than those stupid penalty shootouts. Maybe in the boxing ring as well, although the gloves might pose a problem.

What inspires you, day by day?

Creatively, the internet is a bottomless source of inspiration. The amount and array of fantastic art and artists inspires me to no end. Actually using the ‘stumble’ button on my Firefox browser is also a great source of inspiration. You never know what little gems you’re going to find.

What do you enjoy drawing the most. Why?

Besides women and monsters and the usual nerdish fare, I enjoy drawing the human face- eyes and mouths especially. You can convey so much emotion and character when those two features are drawn well. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy drawing caricatures as well.

What’s your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn?

Back when I used to work at Disney Australia, I used to think I was some big rebel walking around the Disney corridors in a ‘Mickey Rat’ t-shirt. Most likely they just thought I was some big smartarse (and they were right).
Some honourable mentions though would go to my DC Vertigo Chris Bachalo Death shirt, My Cure Disintegration shirt and when I was younger, my Ghostbusters shirt. All faves.

Who should come back from the dead as a zombie, and what would happen?

Maybe the late actor, Jack Palance? His bone structure and villainous ham acting would be perfectly suited to the task. He’d be the best one-handed pushup zombie around.

What did you want to be when you were 6?

Unsurprisingly, I wanted to be a comicbook artist, since collecting comic books were a big part of my life growing up. I eventually realised I didn’t have the patience to do so and just stuck to illustration instead. I think I also wanted to be a puppeteer at one stage as well.

What’s the funniest thing ever?

A toss up between my 4 year old dancing, Bert and Ernie and cartoon gags on the internet involving airline safety art.

If you were asked to create a new law for Australia, what would it be, and how would it be enforced?

A no mullet law, especially on young children. Ever seen a 3 year old with a full-on chullet half way down their back? Very tragic. It’s a form of child abuse I tells ya!

Under the new laws, asking for some ‘business in the front, party in the back’, ‘hockey hair’, a ‘chicago neckwarmer’ or a ‘MacGyver style’ cut at the local hairdressers will be a punishable offense. As much as I love David Bowie’s music, he’s to blame for this scourge of bad hair. Damn you Ziggy Stardust!

How did you find the bubble? What makes you stick around?

Fellow Aussie comic artist and previous Shirthead, Simon Sherry brought RedBubble to my attention via the Pulp Faction forums. Ever since then my paid work output has dropped considerably. Thanks again, mate!
I had a little break from the Bubble recently as I sometimes go through shifts in creative direction (meaning I have a short attention span) but dammit, t-shirt design is the coolest fun. I just couldn’t stay away!

What will happen in the next five years?

Most likely I’ll be frantically trying to justify my existence, both personally and creatively, since at the end of those five years I’ll be turning 40! Eep.

Thanks Chris! Now get that worried look off your face… ;oP

And I hate to be a broken record folks, but this is the last time I’ll mention it, I swear… Seeing as how it’s the final week and all… but Celadore is still struggling to keep the top spot over at so if you haven’t voted, there’s one week left to get me sailing over the finish line and finally be a legitimately paid comic artist. :oD Joy!

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