A celadore comic - Evelyn

Ok. So, here’s a little background on our unfortunate hero.

Who is Evelyn? What’s her life like? Let’s flash back three months and find out how Evelyn got to where she is when we first see her in my Zuda comic

(Have you read it? Have you voted? Please vote, I know I’m on top, but there’s a whole week left of my topsy turvy nail biting where anything could happen world left…) :oD

Anyway. I drew this one staggered over last week and finally got the time to colour it today. I need the practice on my colouring. I think I need to stay away from primary colours. ;o)

Oh, and a little background on this story… It’s adapted from an idea for a comic I had about six or seven years ago called Racey Rocket. This girl gets into a bad accident, and wakes up to find her dad isn’t a farmer after all – he’s a secret government agent who’s just used all his cutting edge cyborg technology to save his daughter, and well… it just gets more convoluted from there.

Anyway, it’s quite different from the initial idea six or seven years ago, but… this is where these things come from. :o)

Thanks for reading! :oD


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