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Howdy folks!

So, ever since I was 5, I’ve wanted to be in comics, one way or another.

For all of May, my comic, Celadore, about a monster hunter who gets her soul bounced into an 11 year old girl’s body and has to restore order to the world now that vampires can walk in the daylight, will be at!

The prize is an actual contract with zuda to finish the story. And be paid for it! From there, anything is possible.

You have to register to vote, but it’s free and easy and they don’t ever send you annoying emails. Once registered, there are three things you can do…

Give it 5 stars
Favourite it
and, most important of all, VOTE for it! :o)

Please, please PLEASE help make my childhood dreams come true. :oD

Thank you!

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