Shirtheads - featuring thickblackoutline

Does this week’s Shirthead victim, thickblackoutline

really need an introduction?

Then again, implying that one’s work is so idiosyncratic and recognisable it doesn’t NEED an introduction, is in fact, an introduction, isn’t it?


My head hurts.

I wasn’t inspired by any one tshirt this week, but more a common thread (get it?) appearing throughout TBO’s tshirts.

That’s right… HAIR! :oD

What is the appeal of Japanese art?

The appeal is the culture, the complex minimalism, the food (!)….. I think its all related to who i was in a past life, I really connect to it on more than just a “i love sushi” sort of level. its more like a i’ve seen this, or i’m meant to be doing this. i think its really been around all my life. From my dad reading the Shogun series and me looking at the front covers in admiration when i was little… to eating sushi from a young age. I’m allergic to seaweed, it gives me crippling migraines, shame it took me 17 years to work that one out! So only the “top shelf, professional, lvl 72 mage” sushi for me!

And what about the Thick Black Outline? Where did that come from? Do you ever get the desire to break free from it? Is there another style you’re itching to do, but people may be wanting you to stay in your current style because it’s individualistic and unique?

TBO came from art school ~ should I even be saying this? ~ we used to have this injoke of saying “oh, that looks so cool but if you put a thick black out line around it would be 10 times better” lol. that really stuck with me after all these years, b/c it was true… it seems to be around a lot in cartoons, here on The Bub (i LOVE to see other people do it), i’ve seen McDonald’s use it… i’m not claiming to own it, mine is thicker than usual! ;) everyone should try it at least once and see what happens.

To be honest i do feel a lot of pressure to stay in my style around here, but its all self inflicted. I don’t do a TBO for pieces that are too complex, it’s just not called for. But when i really want it to pop, i’ll use one… or if i want to get fancy.. 2!! I’d really like to get back into doing a more sketchy scribbly style of my yesteryear.

What’s your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn?

It was a pink shirt with Dick Dastardly and Mutley from the Wacky Races on it. It truly was a gem and I begged my mum to buy it for me when i was like 4 or 5. She didn’t want to get it b/c it seemed ‘evil’ and he was the ‘badie’, yet i believe my winning argument was that it was on pink! yay!

What did you want to be when you were 6 years old?

I wanted to be an architect. I really liked, and still like, looking at buildings, all the design elements, angles, and little parts that go into making it unique. Before that I wanted to be a model on the Price is Right, I’d practice the hand movements in my bedroom!! LOL!

Who would you invite to a tea party to make it the most awesomest tea party ever staged?

AHHH, well it would look something like The Tea Party for starters, which would be serviced by my fleet of stoned monk ninja sushi chef green tea bearers. We all need them, I have 10. And the guests would include, Jimi Hendrix, Flea, Michael Stipe, Freud, my year 12 Studio Arts teacher, the Dalai Lama, Kermit the Frog, Cookie Monster, and some of my long time fav kids from around these parts, Craig, Jumpy, Webgrrl, Scott, Chris, Lostboy, Sjem, Mikoto, bigfatrobot, onetonshadow, you caanan of course ;)….

There’d be sushi and the most decadent cakes my fleet stoned monk ninja sushi chef green tea bearers can prepare, many based around white chocolate, milk chocolate and chili, and coffee… did i mention chocolate? Excellent beverages of course.

The musical entertainment would be some smooth jazz cruisey thing, who’d play Tool covers most of the night, but Maynard would still sing.

Later, my real imaginary band called Hot Sick, who are a heavy metal thrash covers band, who play Paula Abdul songs…. only!

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by The Bub a lot, i like it here. I’m inspired by a lot of music, i have a very diverse musical pallet. I love vintage posters, 50s pin ups, the muppet show and sesame street, manga, movies with subtitles, the whole ritual of making a cup of tea, jpop, ethnic arts and cultures, things that remind me of my childhood, heavy metal thrash cover bands who play Paula Abdul songs….

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of identifying my passions. I love passion and really running with something I enjoy like some obsessive compulsive, “we must extract the information!” sort of thing. I LOVE what I do, and I’m so thankful that I can do it with the energy i put into it.

Slowly but surely I’m being recognised for that, its a tough gig.

I’m proud of surpassing my hair growing aspiration Lara Croft, and now have a new one, Nariko. Goggle her kids! ;)

If you could time travel, where would you go, and what would you do?

I’d prob go to Woodstock 1969 first, and not take the bad acid by the towers, I think that would be just amazing, I’m always quite memorised when I see footage of it. I was raised on all that music, so I feel a big connection to it.

Also, back to the Edo Period in Japan, to really see the culture at it’s purist form, as it was… and then back some more to the height of the Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations, and then way into the future… lets see if Futurama is right!

So the next ten years are going to be pretty big, huh? How so?

Yeah, its going to be huge. I’ll become a mum, and manufactured crap~pop will still get released to the next generation. They’ll grow meat in test tubes, and we’ll get told about global cooling this time. Robots will do more stuff for us… i like stuff. I hope to be designing fabric for pyjamas or something like that, Peter Alexander is my hero.

How did you find the bubble? What made you stay and, well… flourish?

I found The Bub via ArtsHub, and joined a week or so after it officially became live. It was such a different community, and I think a few of us from “that time” look back on it with a bit of a twinkle in our eye. Yes I have flourished here (thank you) a great deal.

What I think the appeal is you get to know why people like what you do, and you want to give the kids more. You find out what they like, and what they don’t, its all positive feedback and reinforcement, which we all fuel our machines on. Everyone seems to be on the same creative page, or at the very least in the same chapter. Also, i like to look back at what i’ve done, and see how i’ve evolved, its very important as an artist to do that.

Thank you Jen!

And come back next week for more shirty fun, folks. :o)


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