A tool for finding copyright thieves

Found this tool
on the excellent Sheila Smart blog

I’ve downloaded the extension for firefox.

Have only made 4 searches so far & have already discovered a site renting homes that used one of my Cuba images. At least they didn’t claim it as their own & had a link back to my image on redbubble for people wanting to purchase it, but will be interesting to see what else turns up when I have time!

Hope this is of some use to others…


A riot of Colour

Haven’t done this for a while, but am celebrating getting my assignment in, so let me present a riot of colour……

Looking through my favourites I was struck by how many bold bright colours there were so I thought I’d put together a little gallery of photographic prints.
I’ve omitted some I would have included that weren’t available as prints (actually surprised to find some weren’t for sale at all) as it made it easier to put together.

I’ll probably return to do more, but have been back nearly 40 pages already so had to stop somewhere!

By Cee Neuner

By Manon Boily

by Akrotiri

by Shulie

by Maree Cardinale

by photosbyhealy

by Peter Stone

by Julien

by Deborah Lazarus

by Debbie Robbins

by Trish725

by Tracy66

by Charuhas images

by Jean-Luc Rollier

by CanyonWind

Sales to date. Thanks & encouragement hopefully for newbies

When I first started on here I always wondered if I’d ever sell anything, and I remember the encouragement I got when someone posted a message about a sale. I’ve been remiss of late in that respect, so by way of catching up & as a big thank you to all those buyers too. This is my record to date. Hope those of you yet to make a sale feel encouraged that it’s probably just a matter of time.…

Framed prints

Canvas prints

Mounted prints


Photographic prints

In addition I’ve sold 29 greetings card. If I get time one day I’ll put together a gallery of these just to show what’s sold (for me at least). It’s time consuming that’s the only reason I’ve not included them here.

All in all I’m not about to retire, but it always gives me a thrill to think someone likes something of mi

Heartbreaking news

Many of you are aware I’ve not been around for some time here on RB, and 1 or 2 of you know the whole reason.

Sadly my beloved Thérèse passed away on Monday afternoon.

As you can imagine I’m still not in a good place, and although I’m sure one day I’ll return to the warmth & friendship of all you good people here. For the moment I’m too bereft to think.

All my Love


Apologies for not being around

Hi All

A lot going on in RL at the moment, so difficult to find anytime to get on here.

Hope you’re all keeping well, and I’ll try & surface from time to time as the opportunity arises.

Take care


Thanks a lot

Thanks to the anonymous purchaser of a framed print of abstract of street art

And many thanks to the recent card purchasers. On top of which I just sold one of my Meerkat images on Alamy for a national calendar.

All much appreciated fillips in a strange week full of ups & downs.


Dave's weekly wrap

I never seem to get in the redbubble wrap so I thought I’d do my own.

This week I shared the secrets of how to avoid camera shake (drink less Rum), celebrated a couple of competition wins (arm wrestling at the Queen Vic), and had my first solo exhibition at the post office in Mangotsfield ( free stamps with each canvas print).

Best of all interest in my work was shown by a national newspaper here (I got a newspaper round for the Guardian).


ATB everyone



HI All

Apologies if I’ve not kept up with your work of late, or paid return visits if you’ve commented.

For the last few weeks I’ve been the only mobile engineer covering several hundred miles of the South West so time has been a bit scarce.

I’m getting married on the 20th to Thérèse my partner for the last 11 years, and so will be even scarcer for a few weeks afterwards, so apologies in advance

This is where we’re getting married…



Homepage today

Many thanks to David

For including All alone am I in his selction for the homepage today

Thanks to everyone who’s commented so far. I have visitors this weekend so won’t be around now until Sunday night, but I’m very grateful.

Hi all

Hoped to catch up on everyone tonight, but the bubble seems to be burst again, although not it seems for everyone.

I couldn’t add work, or see anything in my activity review comments etc, or be able to see any threads I’m signed up to in internet explorer.

Have managed to upload 1 image using firefox, but the response from RB server everytime I try to do anything is abysmal, so I’m going to give up for the night!

If anyone’s experiencing similar problems try adding a comment here

Hopefully they’ll get on top of it soon.


Features, challenges & sales (old)

Tidying up my homepage as it’s looking cluttered, and it’s been some time since I had time to update these thumbnails. The images below were only up to date as long ago as June last year, since when I’ve not managed to stay on top, but didn’t want to delete them, so I thought I’d put them in a journal post to keep them.…

CHALLENGE WINNERS Click the thumbnail once to enlarge the image


!,60... !:

HOME PAGE FEATURE (Tulips top right)

FEATURED WORKS Click the thumbnail once to enlarge the image


Daft photographer moments

This could be anything. A personal memory, scene from a film or a joke for example.

I’m going to go with the photographer from the otherwise totally pointless remake of The Omen who in one scene is seen reviewing his images on the screen of his digital slr, and later on seen emerging from his darkroom having processed his film & printed the image & hung it up to dry.

In the immortal words of the pub landlord Al Murray “They didn’t think it through did they?”

Bring it on…

Queensland & Brazil floods

See here for more info & if you would like to join in.
I have donated This image to the group Phoenix Appeal All Profit From Sales To go to the Queensland Flood Disaster Relief

I created this image because of what she symbolises.

The figure on the pediment of Aberystwyth War memorial represents humanity emerging from the chaos at the end of the First World War. The figure is seen walking confidently out of the destruction that war inflicted upon Europe.

In addition I will be donating all my profits this month from other images to be spilt equally between this appeal & the one that will doubtless surface soon in the wake of the Brazil floods.

Perhaps these events will wake our leaders to the chaos that global warming could unleash on the world, and we can step back from the brink.

I ferven

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