Turning of innocence into gold

There was a poor man who
had many children and little to give them in the way
either of food or clothing. They were all sweet and pretty, but the
prettiest of all was the youngest daughter, who was so
beautiful that there were no words to her beauty.

So once—it was late on a moon light evening in autumn,
and wild weather outside, terribly dark, and raining so
heavily and blowing so hard that the walls of the shack
shook again—they were all sitting together by the moons light ,
each of them busy with something or other, when suddenly
some one rapped three times against the window-pane. The
man went out to see what could be the matter, and when he
got out there stood the alchemist .

“Good-evening to you,” said the alchemist

“Good-evening,” said the man.

“Will you give me your youngest daughter?” said the
alchemist “if you will, you shall be as rich as you are
now poor.” Gold will be Yours.

Truly the man would have had no objection to be rich,
but he thought to himself: “I must first ask my daughter
about this,” so he went in and told them that there was a
great alchemist outside who had faithfully promised to
make them all rich if he might but have the youngest

She said no, and would not hear of it; so the man went
out again, and settled with the alchemist that he should
come again next when the moon was full , and get her answer.
Then the man persuaded her, and talked so much to her
about the wealth that they would have, and what a good
thing it would be for herself, that at last she made up her
mind to go, and washed and mended all her tardy rags, made
herself as smart as she could, and held herself in readiness
to set out. Little enough had she to take away with her.

Next full moon the alchemist came to fetch
her. She seated herself on his cart with her napsack, and
thus they departed. When they had gone a great part of
the way.
Stories were told about the turning of innocence into gold by the alchemist . Stories were supposed to prove that gold was made from pure beauty,"The father accepted the
conditions, and concluded the bargain; and, having got the
promise of pieces of gold,
.Nature is continually at work changing for we all sell ourselves to the alchemist for the promise of GOLD .
Gold of autumn leaves
Dappled in moonlight above —
The beauty Of youth can turn into Gold
the innocence is stolen
as the
Thieves paused, distracted.
soul snatchers do not understand love
golden sunset’s peace;
patient, .
my heart remembers.
the innocent breeze
Praise to life and love!
Hope that leads to redemption.
Gold! from God above
speaks the alchemist
as he boils her in Blood

Beauty could be transmuted into gold,
The soul and spirit of man are clogged by his body.
but in the virtue …
the less there is of body the more in proportion is the virtue."
It will not suffice for the great transmutation, for in that process a metal becomes gold, the one and only perfect metal. Hence the soul also must be removed, in order that the spirit, the essence, the kernel, may be obtained. So has the beautiful girl boils in the vat of the alchemists ,he recites his mantra
Each man has … all the wisdom and power of the world in himself; he possesses one kind of knowledge as much as another, and he who does not find that which is in him cannot truly say that he does not possess it, but only that he was not capable of successfully seeking for it."
What nature did in the earth man could accomplish in the workshop,laboratory , For is not man the crown of the world, the masterpiece of nature, the flower of the universe; was he not given dominion over all things when the world was created?
The archetype of the alchemist is similar to that of the magician, wizard or even scientist. As with any archetype the alchemist depicts processes or forces within you, and with the alchemist it is about transformation. A negative aspect of this is the sense of superiority that possesses some people, leading them to a conviction they are in control of the forces of nature and can manifest magical powers or perform miracles at will. Sometimes, to achieve a result, the person operating under this archetype will use trickery, lies and threats or pressure, as with those who subtly pressurise others to do their bidding.So as the parent sacrifices his child for wealth and Gold remember the trickery of the Alchemist {scientist,doctor,teacher,media,big corporations.government}discern the truth and listen .Bilderberg to scheme its evil agenda for the destruction of the middle class and the erection of the elite’s fourth reich.

Turning of innocence into gold


Gnowangerup, Australia

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Turning of innocence into gold

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