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I just published a book!

Hi everyone!

I just published a portfolio on blurb.com and it arrived via UPS today. I ordered it on Saturday evening and received it Friday afternoon! Great turnaround time.

Anyway it is a collection of photos and I think the book came out great! You can view the first 15 pages if you like at blurb.com. In the search box put the title: Everchanging Chords. I will be publishing another one soon==just black and white photos—Chords of Light & Shadow.

I just have to tell you all that if you are thinking of putting together a book for yourself or for giving to others or to sell, I suggest checking out this website. Two of my fellow bubblers have also published from this website and the quality of work is fantastic. I would recormmend it to all. You can also check out fellow bubblers books there—tiltes as follows:

Kalman Masterpieces by robkal (bubble id) (look up by robkal)
Photographe 2007 by dan cahill (bubble id) (look up by tilte or name)

Please let me know what you think about my book. I look forward to hearing from all of you.


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