Dreamosophy Website Taking Shape

Well, I didn’t stay away so long this time. I wanted to update everyone on the dreamosophy website building process. The pace of the progress has picked up some. Most of the text on the homepage will be changed soon and we have been putting in some archive entries on the blog page.

Most of the office staff at Al-Mita marketing are finishing up their research projects and getting ready to re-write the text that will be going on the homepage, as well as some for the other pages on the site. My own project really is just staying within the blog because I have a couple of articles to post on what to look for in a legitimate biz-op offer and what you might find in an offer that is most likely a scam.

We also have many links, graphics and photos to upload yet, along with a lot of sales copy. We want to make sure that everyone knows what each program or product can or can’t do for them. We also have a couple of surprise items that will be on the site and I promised the boss I would keep it a secret.

If we keep going at the pace we did today, it wouldn’t surprise me if the website got finished earlier than expected. By the way, in the blog, there is a current posting for yesterday called “Marketing Madness.” It was about my experience with a sales call I had a couple of nights ago.

Next week I hope to post an article here for the fine folks of Red Bubble. I’m not sure what topic I will attempt to tackle, but I’m sure everyone will enjoy the reading and more importantly, the thought it provokes. I’m a little torn between two different topics.

That’s all I got today, but I’ll return soon!

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