Calendars- What are you doing with them?

I was just wondering what people are doing with them and how they are putting them together. Christmas is coming and I was racking my brains as to what to get Mum – then it occurred to me – a personalized calendar of her life/ our family!
So, the front cover will be her and dads wedding picture and inside will be pictures of us 5 kids and then pictures of our children – her grandchildren. The only problem will be choosing which of those fabulous 70’s suburban family shots to use. It’s corny I know but she will love it.
Anyway, then I called my brother to tell him about my great idea when he trumped me and told me he had ordered 40 calendars. He’s a member of some obscure motorcycle club. He got people to submit pictures of their most precious/ favourite bikes and presto he’s got a club calendar.
Anyway, that made me wonder – what are you doing with yours???
I can’t be the only clever person!!!
I’d love to hear.

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